Vikings Territory Breakdown: NFL Combine Week—Where the Vikings will Seek a Combination of Things

This is Combine Week in the NFL calendar—you know, the calendar that synchs with our world calendar for a 365-day a year league. The newest crop of NFL prospects head to Indianapolis where the newest crop of NFL coaches (and the old and established ones) sojourn there in search of players who can provide a combination of talent and depth for their squads. They will be putting the prospective draft picks through a combination of mental and physical tests and then make their decisions of who to reap like a combine in harvest time this April.

Is that enough combine puns and references? If not, tune into this week’s Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast with the Start Tribune’s Mark Craig, and myself, the master combiner of puns and NFL analysis.

Craig will look at the Vikings new coaching staff (led by Kevin O’Connell) and offer his ideas of the team’s top three needs in the draft for the coming season—and there are likely more needs, as well. Mark will also examine what the new offensive and defensive coordinators (Wes Phillips and Ed Donatell, respectively) had to say last week in their introductory pressers.

Phillips, himself, threw a little shade on sunny LA by saying he didn’t see a lot of chatter about the Rams out there in public compared to when he was getting his hair cut in Minnesota prior to his press conference. If he is savvy enough to know how much calling this town, state and region a “football town” will warms the hearts of Vikings fans and begin to melt the snowbanks all around us, that alone is a harbinger of good things to come.

Mark also had a vote for the all the 2021 season honors (MVP, ROY, DPOY, etc.,) and we will take a quick look back at who he voted for and why this past year.

And, of course, what would a week in Viking-land be without a little Kirk Cousins chatter? Pretty much, crickets, this time of year. Craig will weigh in with some of that Kirk speculation—should he stay or should they trade?

The podcast will be jam-packed with a combination of Vikings news and speculation, hope and irreverence, facts and fun—all the things you need this time of year to get primed for the most exciting non-football game time of the year—which is basically every day that’s not Sunday, Monday or Thursday in the Fall.

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