Vikings Territory Breakdown: Ed Donatell and KOC on Running Game

Kirk is adept at providing plenty of verbiage without really revealing much (not unlike this article), yet Joe Oberle, senior writer for and and Mark Craig from the Star Tribune and will be here to break it down and mine it for every essential morsel. In fact, Kirk offered a glimpse of his duties under new head coach Kevin O’Connell’s offense, comparing to his time with flashcards “trying to memorize plays and terms and formations and protections and just the rules around all those things so it becomes instinctual” to an eighth-grader cramming for a quiz. A very Kirkian response in my opinion.

But he is primed to do the work. As is Adam Thielen, who said the following of KOC’s playbook on the Pat McAfee show: “It’s wild, it’s the most learning I’ve ever had to do.” Well, they better get cramming on the new offense or the defense, newly liberated from Mike Zimmer’s clutches, will surpass them in effectiveness this season (not to be confused with ineffectiveness). To be sure, both units have a lot of classwork to do before training camp this season, so they must get the head spinning over with during OTAs.

Tune in to the podcast for all the latest Purple Updates and we promise to answer each other’s questions with the same finesse and panache as our favorite Purple QB, Kirk Cousins.

  • Ed Donatell and Wes Philips comments
  • Ed calling plays
  • Philips talks about Mond and Cupp versus JJ KOC on the running game