VT Breakdown S4E10: Vikings Beat the Chargers

Joe Oberle and Mark Craig Vikings Territory Breakdown Podcast
Joe Oberle and Mark Craig talk Vikings

Vikings Territory Breakdown S4E10: Joe Oberle and the Star Tribune Mark Craig

Thunder Out of the Blue—Vikes Beat the Bolts

The most confounding team in the history of the NFL, the Minnesota Vikings, flew to Los Angeles and beat the surging LA Chargers 27-20.The Vikings did it with their most complete game of the season when their season was on the line (which could be said about every week) and kept themselves relevant in the NFC Wild Card race (.5 games back at the moment). Who would’ve thunk it?

Well, apparently Mark Craig of the Star Tribune (and co-host of the Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast) thought so. He said last week that the Vikings were due for a pay off from sticking together and playing hard despite a lot of adversity and complaint from the Purple Faith and the Purple Prose (the media).

The Vikings did it with very good defense, despite their depleted ranks. They did it by being aggressive when in the past (at the end of games) they played not to lose rather than playing to win. They did it by getting the ball to their best player—tight end Tyler Conklin, who scored twice—I mean to Justin Jefferson (143 yards on nine catches and 11 targets) as many observers have been screaming for in past weeks. And the got great performances out of quarterback Kirk Cousins and running back Dalvin Cook. Not to mention Mike Zimmer out-coaching the younger and more trendy coach as the Vikings beat the Chargers.

Where was this team all season? Just out of the spotlight waiting to break through and demonstrate their wares, it would seem. We were told they are talented, and after losing four games in heartbreaking fashion in the final minutes, the Vikings got to ice the game and sit in victory formation for nearly two minutes. Those folks around me were asking what happens next? What must they do to win? Thinking along the other 2021 Minnesota Vikings lose-it-late shoe was about to drop. My goodness, was the fun (and boring) and good for the team and its fan base,

How about a repeat of that next week against the Green Bay Packers? Craig and myself will discuss all of this on the Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast above. We look back at how the Vikings Beat the Chargers and what position it puts the Purple at 4-5 and looking for to the Packers game, which looms very large for the remainder of the Vikings’ season. That plus the latest NFL headlines (it was another wacky week around the league). Check it out!

  • The Defense deserves credit for the win.
    • They gave up 253 total yards. They made stops when they needed to late, even though they didn’t do great before the half.
  •  Huge interception by Eric Kendricks.
    • It was another great athletic play by a linebacker and it was a huge momentum shift. He is simply the MVP of the defense.
  •  Cam Bynum
    • With a sack and another good game. It Huge for him to play well without Harry.
  •  Great game by Kirk Cousins.
    • He wasn’t perfect, but he spread the ball and often made a great throw when needed. Both TD passes to Conklin were very good in their own way—one a bullet into a window and the other he hung in there when he got hit.
  •  The Justin Jefferson Ratio certainly improved.
    • Kind of obvious, actually. But it proves that it can be beneficial—even if he drops one. Wouldn’t you agree?
  • 10 Penalties for 118 yards.
    • For a time, PI was the main part of the Chargers offense. Too many flags in general. What are the refs doing?
  •  Udoh was victimized for some holding calls
    • Is it time to see Davis, I ask again? What do they have to lose?
  • Dustin Baker of VT:
    • 26% of all points surrendered by the Vikings in 2021 occur within the final 2 minutes of the 1st Half. What the heck?
    • The Vikings have some many good plays surrounded by so many game-wrecking plays against them. Is there any team that does this more?
  •  It’s Packers Week.
    • Green Bay’s was Craig’s preseason pick for the Super Bowl, and they are clicking on defense so far this season. How tough will they be for Kirk and Co,?
    • Now that they have know it all QB back, are they the team to beat in the NFC?
  •  Inside the NFL
    • Lions tied the Steelers??? At least they won’t go 0-17.
    • Miami beats Baltimore—just another team that lost after beating the Vikings. No one wants to meet the Vikings in the playoffs, right?
    • Folks were talking about Atlanta and the Cowboys shut them up.
    • The Bucs get trucked by the WFT. I say, WTF?

Give it a listen! Thanks.