Vikings Territory Breakdown S4E6: When a Win over the Lion Is Kind of a Loss

Joe Oberle and the Star Tribune’s Mark Craig talk in the weeks Vikings Territory Breakdown Vikings win over lions feels like a loss.

The Minnesota Vikings beat the Detroit Lions (like they have for eight consecutive times) at home this past Sunday, but there wasn’t much celebrating in the streets. If you happened to see Vikings fans destroying the downtown Minneapolis area it wasn’t out of victorious revelry, it would have been borne from a sense of frustrated near defeat.  The Vikings escaped with a 19-17 victory on the toes of kicker Greg Joseph, who kicked a 54-yard field goal as time ran out only to have his teammates lift and carry him off the field.

This is where we are now. A narrow win over a 0-5 opponent who has posed little trouble for the Purple during the Mike Zimmer era and the players exalted one of their brethren in what was more relief than joy itself. The Vikings season (2-3 so far) was on the line Sunday, as it will be next Sunday when they travel to Charlotte to take on the Carolina Panthers and each succeeding week until they either pull themselves out of the giant hole they dug in the first quarter of the 2021 season or fall desperately down to its bottom (and earn a nice draft pick).

Ironically, there is much to talk about and analyze in this overall underwhelming, disjointed, fretful victory for the Vikings. The initial reaction to such a morass of a game is to cash the win, throw it away and never to speak of it again. But that’s not what we do here are Vikings Territory Breakdown with former Vikings writer Joe Oberle and the Star Tribune’s Mark Craig, veteran NFL and Vikings scribe of 19 years. So, click on the podcast and see how we break down the Vikings win, forecast the Panthers game and take a look at what happened this past week in the NFL—something always happens in the NFL. I swear they do it on purpose.

Thanks, and here are some of the topics we investigate in this week’s VT Breakdown:

Alexander Mattison’s big day and then his big drop.

Film Study buddies Kirk and Mike and their leadership demonstration.

Going for the win and going for the “not loss.”

Justin Jefferson we hardly knew ye. Where did you go in the second half?

Zim has a kicker or does he, wait yes he does again. Until next game.

Play calling—we wore a spot in our heads scratching it.

Mister Christian (Darrisaw), “Oh the time has come.”

Gruden cancelled.

Breeland handled.

Kickers mishandled (lucky flippin’ Packers)

And much more . . .On this weeks Vikings Territory Breakdown Vikings win over lions.