The BS Show Clip: S1 E3 Sansevere: Wilfs Should Tell Zimmer He’s Fired If He Doesn’t Win It All

Zimmer and Spielman talking
Oct 18, 2015; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer speaks, right, with general manager Rick Spielman. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports.

If I’m a Wilf, brothers Ziggy and Mark and cousin Lenny, I’d be fed up with losing and I’d be telling Mike Zimmer to win or else.

And I’d tell him beating Detroit is not enough, a winning record is not enough, making the playoffs is not enough.

If I’m the Wilfs, I’m telling Zimmer that he’s had eight seasons and he better deliver a Super Bowl win or he’s fired.

After all, that is why he was brought here. To. Win. A. Super. Bowl.

The Wilfs have given Zimmer everything he’s wanted, whether it’s on defense or the quarterback who was supposed to take the team where Case Keenum couldn’t.

Kirk Cousins hasn’t been a complete and utter disaster, but he hasn’t lifted the Vikings to the next level.

Great quarterbacks can do that. OK quarterbacks can put up good statistics and fail to get you where every team wants to go.

There’s a reason the Redskins were so willing to let Cousins get away. They saw what the Vikings and their fans have been seeing since he got to Minnesota.
Cousins is good but not good enough.

The Vikings needed an Aaron Rodgers type, a guy whose presence makes his team so much better.

Instead, they got Kirk Cousins, a guy whose yardage stats is more impressive than his W-L ledger.

That’s just not on Zimmer. Rick Spielman was behind the move to get Cousins, too.

The Wilfs should have that win-a-Super Bowl-or-you’re-gone conversation with Spielman as well.

They should be fed up. And if they aren’t, then the question becomes “Why not?”

Listen to the entire segment below.

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