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All the Vikings News: April 7

The following is free-agency news applicable to the Minnesota Vikings on April 7, 2021 — via tweet.

Orlando Brown Jr. rumors remain alive.

Lofty company.

Clarity from Wolfson.

General thoughts from Ragatz.

Vikings on an island.

An alleged Vikings FA target is gone. Trai Turner remains.

Forness thinks it’s Dozier to start in 2021.

Turner or bust.

Fans are displeased.

Nick Olson goofiness.

Kendricks the Investor.



Zimmer = Always Defense-First.

Very bold prognostications.

Vikings could use an RB3. Not mandatory — but not unheard of.

Contextually, Lamp was Dozier-like last season.

Suddenly apropos with Gladney’s shenanigans.

9th-best roster in the business per Mike Clay.

Applications for the Zimmer Foundation.


At least one more over is afoot.

A more-normal offseason is on the docket.

Not wrong.

Bears WR could be on the move.

In-person dudes.

The last big Vikings FA heads elsewhere.

Another former Viking finds a home. Surprised it wasn’t Philadelphia — that’s where everybody else goes.

The decimated 2017 draft class.

PFF Draft Piece.

Dustin Baker

Writer. Host of Bleav in Vikings Podcast w/B-Mac & Baker.

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2 months ago

“shenanigans” might not be the best word choice there. I might have substituted “accusations” or “legal issues” if I was your editor.

I still think we go LT in the first. Yes, the Vikes have had stopgap starting LT’s in between their long-term starters, from Chuck Goodrum in 1974 to Charlie Johnson in 2011, but every long-term starting LT since 1974 has been a first round draft choice, someone’s 1st round pick: Riley, Zimmerman (NYG), Steussie, McKinnie, Kalil and Reiff (DET). Rashod Hill is a perfect stopgap option, but Riley didn’t start as a rookie, and McKinnie only started the last seven games of his rookie season, so we could still drop a #1 on a LT even if Hill ends up opening the season as the starter.

Half of the first rounders in the Zimmer Era have been on offense, and 11 of our 20 1st through 3rd rounders have been on offense, so I don’t think we’ll be ignoring the OL on the first two days of the draft this year. In fact, here’s my prediction as of today if no trades are made:

1 – LT
3a-3b – G, DE
4a-4d – WR, ILB, CB, S
5a-5b – TE, RB
6 – PK, LS or DT

Daniel Harold Van Steenwyk
Daniel Harold Van Steenwyk
2 months ago

Time for an Oline upgrade you SOB’s. Enough forkin around. SKOL!!

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