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All the Vikings News: April 17

The following is news applicable to the Minnesota Vikings on April 17, 2021 — via tweet. This is updated throughout the day.

Another dude with quasi-history Vikings history might get the Jeopardy gig.

Rick Sosa will be at the draft for your Vikings needs.

VikeFans nostalgia.

A mini-2017 reunion picture.

The Vikings defensive line, on paper, is going to be ferocious in stopping the run. Need more emphasis like this satisfy the pass-rushing need.

Watch Teven Jenkins’ name during the draft.

Vikings Germany doesn’t bother with the 1st Round at all.

Olson speaks on a Sheldon Richardson reunion.

Ragatz would have rather had Richardson over Tomlinson.

CC dropping scripture.

Advice from Jordan Reid’s show is basically who cares about the helmet.

The case for notable DT depth.

The Bears got speedster Goodwin, but the Seahawks wanted him, too.

12 days.

This cannot be stressed enough — and it wholly affects the Vikings — how many teams spring for quarterback just because it is perceived as the most important position on the field. The more QBs that are “reached for,” the better news for the Vikings at #14.

Tanishka laying down the law about Danielle Hunter comparables.

Chatter heats up for DE instead of OL.

More for Paul Allen and Jordan Reid’s talks.

The outlier.

Dustin Baker

Writer. Host of Bleav in Vikings Podcast w/B-Mac & Baker.

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22 days ago

That was Robert Harris (90) at training camp (1992, I believe) with Noga (99), not Derrick Alexander, who was drafted in 1995, after Noga played his last down in the NFL for the Colts in 1994. I don’t have Twitter, Dustin, so would you mind informing VikeFans of this?

Last edited 22 days ago by cka2nd
22 days ago

Richardson’s failure to defend the run properly in Zimmer’s defense in 2018 is probably why he wasn’t re-signed in 2019 (along with the cap) and a reunion is unlikely in 2021, even with a little bit of wiggle room in the cap. I’m not sure that Maurice Hurst would make any more sense than Richardson. Atkins makes the most sense because he has thrived under Zimmer and in Zim’s system before, whether pressuring the QB or filling his lanes in the running game.

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