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Larry Fitzgerald Jr. is in Minnesota today…DON’T LET HIM LEAVE!!!!

Larry Legend is in town today, would the Vikings be missing an opportunity if they let him leave without a contract?

Last time I checked, the Minnesota Vikings are still in need of a wide receiver three.

Yeah they’ve got Adam Thielen, sure Justin Jefferson had a bust out season setting NFL rookies last season. But then what, what’s behind them?

Wide receiver #3 has been a need for the Minnesota Vikings since the 2020 season wrapped and they started assessing the roster and moves they could make during the offseason. Still, here we are on June 14th…after free agency opened, after the draft came and went and in the midst of the depth filling free agency fillings they still appear to be looking for their WR3.

To be fair, I understand that there are options on roster for that spot. Most accounts claim that Chad Beebe is having a good camp so far, yeah Bisi Johnson is fighting for a bounceback after fading last season and yes, I’m aware that Ihmir Smith Marsette is a promising draft pick.

But I’ve got a better option, an ALL-PRO option AND HE’S IN MINNESOTA TODAY!!!

That’s right, it’s been a pipe dream for Minnesota Vikings fans for the last ten years, could this be the year that Larry Fitzgerald Jr. signs with the hometown team? He became a free agent for the first time in his career on in the middle of March and is still on the market three months later.

And as mentioned above, he’s in Minnesota today!! 😲😲😲

Sure, it’s not exactly for a free agent visit with the Vikings, rather he’s in town for his charity golf tournament at Interlachen, but why couldn’t he act like everybody else and take care of multiple pieces of business while you’re in town. If they haven’t already, the Vikings should at least kick those tires and reach out.

Even late in his hall of fame career, “Larry Legend” was productive as a member of the Cardinals in 2020. In an interesting, not exactly pass first offense, he finished the season with 54 catches, more than 400 yards and a TD, but more importantly. He’s the prototypical wide receiver that the Vikings could use. A big bodied, strong, sure handed wide receiver that can go across the middle and reel in some tough passes.

He appeared in 13 games last season so there’s still some durability despite all the miles he’s put on his body and hits that he’s taken over the years.

There are reports that he’s willing to hang it up and retire before the upcoming season, but if he’s interested in giving it one more year, coming full circle to the team with which he served as a ball boy in his youth, I know a good landing spot.

And heck, he could sign the contract TODAY if he wanted to!

AJ Mansour

AJ Mansour is the digital content director for KFAN in the Twin Cities, the self-appointed king of initials as well as one of our Vikings Insiders.

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Duane McGraw
Duane McGraw
3 days ago

Chad Beebe unfortunately will be WR3.

3 days ago

The Vikings don’t need a wr that is over 32 years old!

3 days ago

If he not gonna sign for the vet minimum your wasting everyone’s time with this article. The vikings are a 2 TE/FB team. This is what makes their run game/playaction game so good. Remember Dalvin Cook, he’s pretty good you know. Esp out of these formations as the stats will tell you. They are not a 3WR team. If you did any research you would see that they ran 3wr sets on only 29% of their plays last year. This is by far the lowest of any other team in the league. So what exactly is this need for a WR 3 to be some kind of all star? Are you all banking on Thelin or Jefferson to get hurt? The name sounds nice and he’s hometown and blah blah blah but don’t exactly help the team.

Paul Griggs
Paul Griggs
Reply to  J V
3 days ago

I love LF but his role would be as a mentor on this team. Thielen can mentor the young WR. We keep talking about the absolute need for a WR3 but I say we’re still a run first team and will be unless Cook and Mattison go down. People just won’t listen to facts. Zimmer saying he doesn’t expect Smith to play a bigger role is because the Vikings just don’t throw much to their TEs except in the red zone and expect them to block for the running game–the focus of the offense. Conklin will have more of a role because he’s moved up to #2 TE since the release of Rudolph. Stop wishing and start thinking!

Pete Rock
3 days ago


Pete Rock
Reply to  Pete Rock
3 days ago

Chad Bebee is slow, not physical but better option and alternate between a TE and Cook on passing downs. Old man Kubiak retired no more 15 scripted plays. OC needs to tell Zimmer we’re scoring more points per game. It’s Super Bowl or Zimmer and Spielman you’re fired!!!

2 days ago

I believe Fitzgerald lives in Minnesota. It’s probably easier on him and his family with him playing outside the state. I’m also pretty sure that he’s expressed zero interest in playing for any other team besides Arizona.

On the other hand, if he were interested and reached out to us like Peterson did, I’d certainly be interested, even if I don’t expect the system to be changed for him. In other words, he’d be lucky to get 50 targets.

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