Notes from the North: Blitzology Brian

Blitzology Brian joins us on the latest episode of Notes from the North. Brian is a college coach who also has a website that focuses on defensive football: Anyone interested in understanding football better should check out his site and listen to the latest episode Notes from the North. Here is what Sam has to say about this episode:

“On this week’s episode, Kyle and Sam had the great privilege of being joined by Brian, the creator of The topics covered include the interconnectedness of defense, his thoughts on what he saw from the Vikings this year, and what Zimmer can do with the team moving forward. Notes from the North wants to thank Brian for joining them as their first guest on the podcast.”

You can find Notes from the North on Spreaker, YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, and several other spots.

Of course, be sure to stop by, and follow Brian on Twitter.

K. Joudry

I started cheering for the Vikings in high school because of Kevin and Pat Williams. I've stuck with them since then. I live in Canada with my wife and two dogs.

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