Is it Time to Panic Now?

The Minnesota Vikings been off to a disappointing start so far to say the least.

It is not just the fact that they are 0-2, it’s also how they have lost. Defense has really struggled, which something we have not seen that much of since Mike Zimmer took over as head coach in 2014.

Kirk Cousins also had a really bad game, going 11/25 for 113 yards and three interceptions (most as a Viking). His 15.9 passer rating was also a career low.

It is only two weeks into the season and things can still turn around, but things are not looking very good right now.

Danielle Hunter could be back next week (they really need him back), but that is still to be determined. The schedule going forward is also very tough. They travel to Houston, Seattle, Green Bay, Chicago (always a very tough place for the Vikings to play no matter what), New Orleans and Tampa Bay.

All will be tough games and could very well each be losses. Maybe they will steal one game or perhaps two, but it will be tough.

The home game against Dallas will not be easy either. Winning at Detroit might be tougher than last season too.

This team should win against the Titans this Sunday, but again we will have to just wait and see. We also expected this team to look more competitive in the previous two games.

The 2008 team also started 0-2 before finishing the season at 10-6 with a division title. That team though did not have as tough of a road as this year’s team does.

Anything can happen, but once again things are not looking very good right now even if they win this Sunday. Before the start of the season this looked like a team that could win 10 games or maybe even 11. Right now this looks like an 8-8 or 9-7 team at best. If any more key injuries occur it could get really ugly.

Verdict: Semi panic now. If they lose this week, huge panic.

Good news though is that even if this season becomes a disaster, things could still be much better next season. Things change very quickly in this league. This team still has plenty of talent heading into next season and could have a great draft. No, Trevor Lawrence will not be a Viking. They will not be bad enough to get him.

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Ali Siddiqui

Ali Siddiqui joined Vikings Territory right before the start of the 2020 season. He also has been writing for The Viking Age since 2018. You can follow him on twitter @asiddiqui15.

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