We’re Pleased to be working with the leading Vikings Highlight Channel on Youtube… FunkyDunkleman!

Matt Engstrom Vikings Illustrations Vikings Shhh Randy Moss
Vikings Shhh Randy Moss - by Matt Engstrom

If you’ve spent any time on YouTube watching Vikings highlights from years gone by (as part of some sort of self hatred, presumably), chances are you’ve come across videos from FunkyDunkleman. Funk, as his friends (probably) call him, has been cranking out AMAZING Vikings videos for longer than I’ve owned a Minnesota Vikings website, and we actually worked with him way back in 2016. We’re so pleased to announce that he has agreed to essentially allow us to share his videos on our platform, which is amazing because… Well, you’ll see!

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He typically uploads a new video every WEEK! So you’ll want to subscribe and hit that little bell as to not miss a single video!

Let’s take a look at some of his recent videos, as well as some of his all-time greatest hits!

Recent Videos:

1. Every Vikings 1st-round pick’s first TD as a Viking

2. A Tribute to T-Jack

3. The Last Vikings TD against each NFL Team

Next up? His all-time classic highlight series (looking at near full games from seasons gone by)!

All-Time Classic Series:


1. Vikings v. Bucs, Week 4, 1999

2. AD vs. Megatron, Vikings/Lions, Week 10 of the 2012 Season

3. Vikings vs. Packers, Week 1, 2003

Top article uploads, too!

Popular Uploads:


1. Adrian Peterson’s Best Run against Each NFL Team

2. Randy Moss’ Coming Out Party Against the Packers (1998)

3. Vikings vs. Bengals, Week 11, 1998

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