Introducing our new partner site,!

One aspect of what we try to do here at purpleTERRITORY Media (which is comprised of this site, our sister-site, the Minnesota Sports podcast/YouTube show site, our soon-to-be-launched Minnesota Wild site, and some other big sites we’ll be launching and announcing in the coming weeks) is to find other “competitor” sites in the industry that cover the Vikings/other Minnesota sports teams in a way that we think is up to our standard (despite this run on sentence) and worth of more attention.

We’re always looking for high-quality partners as we grow as our real competition isn’t the sites run by fans with dreams like us, but rather the national networks that have local sites in each market. The best way for us to actually turn this dream into a reality that, you know, provides periodic money for food is to band together and create the largest/most passionate market share in the state!

If you’d like to learn more about joining our amazing advertising/content promotion network to continue to build upon our brand as a site that puts content above all else (including being emotionally available to our families) and that believes in keeping that content free for-eve-r.

Email our owner, Joe Johnson or DM him on Twitter (@vtPTSD)/!

That’s why we decided to partner with the team over at a few months ago, have worked closely with Reid Johnson owner of for over a year and are super proud to announce that we’re going to be doing with the amazing Minnesota Vikings website! was launched in July 2020 and I’ll let their owner Kyle Joudry explain their mission/philosophy. “Our aim is to offer unique, thoughtful coverage of the Minnesota Vikings. If you think we’ll deliver on our vision, feel free to hop over and check it out.”
You can follow VikingsGazette on Twitter!

Check out their first article on our network, here:

While they’ll be cross-posting some content on our network moving forward, you’ll definitely want to check out daily to get all of their great analysis!