If you haven’t peeped NFL Network’s Cousins Free Agency Documentary, you should

image courtesy of Vikings.com

As the most fervent of Kirk Cousins “apologists”, I’m used to getting emails like the following after one of my… I was going to say “Pro-Cousins” articles but I feel like at this point I’m just relaying reality to people who made up their minds in 2018.

Oh yeah, the email (in response to this article):

Perhaps coincidentally, or because I’m a glutton for punishment, I came across this NFL film’s documentary that followed Kirk Cousins before and after he signed with the Vikings… and then called his Triple-A rep to announce the signing as his friends wouldn’t answer.

It’s a good way to spend 40 minutes, unless you’re working on an email for me (Scott).

You’ll have to click over to YouTube to view, but it’s worth the “hassle” (Scott).

Kirk Cousins Free Agency Journey to the Vikings | NFL Life

Back I go to coming on too strong for the eventual Tweet begging Cousins to come on my new radio show (with Joe Oberle, Mike Tice, and Wobby on KDLM!). If you missed the premiere episode, here it is!