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Diggs STILL bad-mouthing Vikings on Twitter

I guess “Diggs being Diggs” is code for him just being the WORST

Breaking news: Stefon Diggs is a petulant man-child who will have no one but himself when he finds himself without a team or sponsor in… Eh, I give it under five seasons.

Now, there is a way to handle oneself in the NFL in a situation where that player feels that the team he is on is not utilizing them to their full potential. I could say what that way is, but instead I’ll just make it easy and say it is essentially the opposite of what Diggs did and continues to do.

You can argue, perhaps, that Diggs should’ve had better numbers during his time in Minnesota. Up until the arrival and extension of Kirk Cousins, the Vikings went through quarterbacks as often as they did offensive coordinators and field goal kickers… and punters.

However, isn’t it a bit strange that Diggs really only started becoming a distraction when that problem was rectified?

Cousins gave Diggs over 100 grabs and his first 1,000 yard season. 100 grabs when you’re playing opposite Adam Thielen and grabbing the majority of deep ball coverage/double teams?

Yeah. How awful.

Sure, he had far less grabs in 2019, but his average per catch yardage exploded, as well, from an even 10 in 2018 to 17.9 in 2019. That made Diggs the best deep ball receiver (for catches over 40 yards) in the NFL. He also played without his supposed friend Adam Thielen for most of 2019, so, he can either blame himself or the system for not getting more grabs.

I wonder which he blames.

That brings me to the topic of today’s Diggs rant. Something I am literally going to take an angry nap after publishing as at this point I really only wanted to write about Diggs in 2022 when the Bills trade him for a new Jugs machine after he posts some sort of TikTok saying buffalo wings taste like ass.

So, some fan in Buffalo Tweeted… actually… I’ll just show you:

Now, some may say, stop being butt hurt, he said “lol”, which means he was being light-hearted and junk! When has THIS guy ever been light-hearted?

It is like every camera owes him money.

They say that if Diggs cracks a smile we’ll get six more weeks of COVID!

So. Yeah. We ARE “butt hurt”. Let me explain this to you, assholes of the internet. Sometimes people can be legitimately angry. Also, anger is not mutually exclusive with logic or truth.

For example: If someone said that your recently deceased family member was burning in hell, would they also be able to say it must be true because of the emotion that invoked while you explain hell is only a construct used to control society outside of, of course, the closest thing to hell… Playing wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills.

So. We can be angry that Diggs forced his way out of a team and market that believed in him and even though it took over 100 grabs and damn near a full 16 games to get ONE THOUSAND yards (for the first time), and the fact that up until that point he had missed a minimum of two games a season EVERY SEASON he was given a deal that averages $14.5 million a year for the duration of his contract.

That he saw what Antonio Brown did and how that made him an unemployed pariah despite being one of the best receivers in the game, ever, and thought… I should emulate THAT.

That he is STILL doing stuff like this even though he got what he wanted.

I lay out in this piece that the only actual motivation that Diggs had was the most selfish one(s) possible.

What exactly did you have to be mad about Diggs?

He couldn’t know where he’d be traded, so it is not as if he really wants to be on a contender. That’d be a nice bonus, but what Diggs cares about is being THE guy and despite all the bromance jokes with Thielen he was jealous that fans loved Thielen more, and that Thielen broke all those records at the start of Cousins’ time in Minny because of HIS work.

Those double teams allowed Thielen to get open more and despite that by far being Diggs’ best season to date, it is clear that his social media content transitioned from actual harmless cockiness to “Diggs being Diggs” and the cycle of Tweet/deleted Tweet/explanation that it was an accident or his brother Tweeting him in a Redskins jersey or giving him that Cardinals shirt.

Imagine Diggs playing Clue as a child.


As for Diggs co-signing that we didn’t use him to his potential?

Yeah. I’m sure Josh Allen will do what Cousins didn’t.

I’ll let his 2020 stats finish the argument for me, and just say this to Buffalo fans… The countdown to you joining the Butthurt Club starts now. Ironically, Diggs himself is perhaps Captain Butthurt if you really think about it, and if he thinks being unstable on Twitter and badmouthing a classy organization who did EVERYTHING the right way with him makes him more marketable to other teams or sponsors…

He might find out soon that perhaps instead of him being him, he should’ve just been a decent person?

I don’t know.

I could be wrong.

After all, one can’t show any emotion less they instantly nullify any truth to what they’re saying or have said. Or at least that is what some future school shooter(s) told me on the internet.

Sidenote: This article says that Irv Smith Jr. responded by… posting A Nike ad and tagging Diggs in another post (which was a picture of him and Thielen in the foreground and Diggs in the background in the same focus as Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster) by using Diggs’ burner account and not his blue check verified one.

Maybe… or definitely I’m old… but if that is what counts as Smith jr. being a dick on Twitter, it’s safe to say we won’t hear “That’s just Smith jr. being Smith jr.” anytime soon.

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Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson started back in 2015 & in 2019, and purchased before the 2017-18 season , used to write for and is the host of the ’Morning Joes’ & ‘About the Labor’ Podcasts, as well. Follow on Twitter: @vtPTSD

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2 months ago

That piece was the very definition of “butt hurt”.