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purplePTSD News you can Use – Thursday, February 20th

Why Trading Diggs would be a Nightmare (and won't Happen), The Case for Cousins, and what the Vikings need to do to make the Super Bowl, and More!

People are busy these days, so it’s hard to keep up on all of the Minnesota Vikings news that’s been going on this off-season. It’s Thursday (I think) which means that it’s time to catch up on what the team from our sister-site, purplePTSD.com, have been up to this week!

It’s been only a few short weeks since the Vikings were decimated by the San Francisco 49ers as if they were wielding the Infinity Gauntlet, and there’s been A LOT of news in that short period of time, with even more news coming (especially considering the fact that the Vikings have 19 free agents to deal with this off-season and negative cap space).

Beyond that, well… Let’s just get into it!

1. Trading Diggs would be a Nightmare Part I – The Two Tight End Myth [Joe Johnson, Owner/Senior Writer, purplePTSD.com/VikingsTerritory.com]

Trading Diggs would be a Nightmare Part II – Trade Value and the Cap

Trading Diggs would be a Nightmare Part III – His Behavior/The Reality of It

2. The Case for Keeping Kirk Cousins [Pre-Snap Read, Writer, purplePTSD.com]

3. What the Vikings Need to do to become Super Bowl Contenders

Bonus: The NFL has a Greed Problem. Why the XFL will Never Flourish [Ben Lyso, Writer, purplePTSD.com]


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Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson started purplePTSD.com back in May of 2015 and has talked Vikings online since the advent of the internet, namely on Reddit's /r/MinnesotaVikings section under the username p_U_c_K. He purchased VikingsTerritory.com before the 2017-18 season, used to write for VikingsJournal.com and is the host of the purpleJOURNAL Podcast, as well.

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