Vikings Fans: Don’t Take The Bait

Let’s Reid between the lines…

The Vikings recent struggles have turned social media into a ****show. A losing record can bring out the worst in a fanbase and put people in a tank-cut-trade state of mind. During this time of despair, we should proceed with caution on social media.

Earlier this week, I read reports of Harrison Smith being upset with the Vikings and unfollowing the team on Twitter. Surely, this was a bad sign for his future in Minnesota.

I took the bait and proceeded to retweet the Smith news, thinking a trade was imminent. 

I should have been suspicious, as the report originated from a questionable source. The author later tweeted an apology for having potentially spread fake news.

While it’s true that Smith is not currently following the Vikings on Twitter, nobody knows if he ever did. Even if he had followed the team, something so small should never warrant this much drama. 

This was an all-stop moment for me. It made me realize… with the way the season is going, myself and fellow Vikings fans are craving big news, good or bad, and getting drug into needless drama. I challenge fans not to take the bait in situations like Smith’s.

Fortunately, there are many reputable sources for Vikings news. (the official Minnesota Vikings website) and their social media platforms are the most legitimate. They do however tend to release news slower than other outlets and rarely include contract details. 

Trusted network sources include Courtney Cronin (ESPN), Adam Schefter (ESPN), Ian Rapoport (NFL Network), and Mike Garafolo (NFL Network). They tend to be in closest contact with the team and usually get news out the fastest.

I write my own blog and am a contributing senior writer at Vikings Territory. These sources are more local and provide a fabulous trifecta of news, analysis, and opinion.

Speculation in sports is fine and dandy, but make sure you’re not mistaking fake news for fact.

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