Oops!… Dalvin Did it Again + MVP Chances

Dalvin Cook and the Vikings have to be pleased with their star running back’s performance through this point in the season. Cook just (easily) won his second straight NFC Offensive Player of the Week award and is having a monster year. If he keeps this up, he will single-handedly revolutionize what it means to pay an elite RB. 


Cook has scored a touchdown in every single game he has played this year and has ran for 369 yards in the past two. Whether it’s breaking tackles or getting loose for big gains, Cook has been all over the field and nowhere near opposing defenders.


MVP On The Horizon?


Why not? It’s gotten to the point where I don’t expect Cook to get tackled. It’s almost as if he’s treating the entirety of the NFL like a set of tackling dummies. Cook became the first player to score a touchdown on each of his team’s first four possessions of a game since the NFL and AFL merger in 1970. This goes to show how heavily Cook is relied upon each and every Sunday. 


As Vikings fans, we have been exceptionally lucky with the running backs on this roster in the past decade. When I watch Cook run, it’s very different from the likes of Adrian Peterson. But, I am starting to get that same feeling of “hand the ball off and there’s no way we lose.” Although the outlooks of both football teams are incredibly different, I can’t help but reminisce back to Peterson’s 2012 MVP campaign and compare the domination of the two. 


To put things in perspective I wanted to compare the statistical side of each season: Dalvin’s 2020 vs. Adrian’s 2012. Cook is leading the league with 858 yards on 161 carries through eight games. Through eight games in 2012, Peterson had 151 carries for 775 yards. 


Judging by yards, these two players have similar numbers through eight games. When looking at touchdowns it becomes a different story. Cook has 12 rushing touchdowns and one receiving. Peterson had 12 rushing touchdowns TOTAL in 2012. 


Get On The Cook For MVP Bandwagon While You Can 


While I was writing that last paragraph, the little light bulb in my head lit up for the first time in a while. Cook for MVP makes so much sense. With vastly improving play from the offensive line and defense, this team could be in line to push for a playoff spot. Especially if Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer keeps looking towards him for all of this production. 


If the Vikings make the postseason in an expanded playoff, I believe Vikings fans can start using a sharpie to fill out their MVP ballots. Please enjoy this video of Cook carving up the lions. Have a good rest of the week,  and let’s beat the Bears!