PurpleTERRITORY Radio Podcast Round-Table Ep. 1

The Implications of Kirk Cousins' Contract

In this inagural episode of the PurpleTerritoryRadio Round Table, we discuss Kirk Cousin’s contract, whether he was worth that much at the time of signing, a review of his last year, speculation of other players that were available, how his contract has affected free agency this offseason, and speculation on the future with or without Kirk Cousins.

For this first episode, we will be cross posting here and to However, in the future episodes of this show will only be on, so check that sight for more updates. is also the new home of every one of our podcasts, so we highly recommend staying up to date over there for our newest episodes!

Kirby O'Connor

Kirby O'Connor is a graduate of Saint Mary's University of Minnesota, where he studied Electronic Publishing and minored in Art. Kirby is a lifelong, die-hard Vikings fan thanks to his father. You can find him on Twitter @kjocon14.

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