NFL Draft 2019

Vikings 2019 horizontal draft board

A list of possible prospects the Vikings could target late in the draft and in undrafted free agency.

For those of you interested in late-round prospects who might be available to the Vikings later in the draft, I’ll post my horizontal draft board below. The players listed in white have met with the team. Many of these players are candidates to be signed after the draft as rookie free agents.

NOTE: The projections are loosely based on projections but include my own adjustments. This is best-viewed on a mobile device. You might need to zoom-in unless you have really good eyes.

Sean Borman

Sean Borman is a writer with Minnesota roots that's a Vikings optimist. He was an intern with the Vikings during college and is an IT nerd by day. You can find him on the golf course during summer and on Twitter @SeanBormanNFL.

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