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Vikings Finally Ready to Beat the Feathered Foe

It's time to flip the script.

The Minnesota Vikings have enjoyed their bye week, but there’s a big task ahead as they prepare to face Seattle on the road. Mike Zimmer hasn’t beat the Seahawks since becoming Minnesota’s head coach, but this team is built differently. They are built to beat the feathered foe.

Time to flip the script

The Seattle Seahawks have thwarted the Vikings the last five times they faced, but I firmly believe the streak will end during their upcoming Monday Night Football matchup. 

If you watched the first half of the Broncos game, you might think I’m crazy. Heck, even if you weathered the storm and saw the triumphant victory, you’re probably still skeptical. After that thriller, I think your faith should actually be stronger than ever.

For years, Minnesota fans have watched their team crumble in the trap games, big games, close matchups, and everything in between. This season, we’re seeing something different.

The rise of the 2019 Vikings

After starting the year 2-2 (as they did in their last two playoff-bound seasons), the Vikings won a few games and followed them up with a close road loss to the Chiefs. Last year, a loss like this seemed to leave players demoralized and strike fear into fans. Instead, this year’s squad packed their bags, flew to Dallas, and dispelled America’s Team in primetime. Only a week later, they turned a seemingly lost trap game into Cousins’ signature comeback.

You Vike that? I do. Talk about a new narrative.

Now, in the interest of public health and cardiac units everywhere, I’d prefer that the Vikings not need a 20-plus point rally to win any more games. I do think, however, that the fans, players, and even coaches needed to see what this team is capable of. Zimmer’s unit executed the comeback without four starters, and they were missing safety Harrison Smith at the end of the game. Talk about a confidence booster.

Perfect lead-up to a game with playoff implications

I love how the stage is set heading into Seattle. This team is not only experienced in the wins and losses that they’re been through, but they have the perfect balance of veterans and youth. With so many stars missing the past few weeks, we saw young guns like Jayron Kearse and Jalyn Holmes step up on defense, as well as Bisi Johnson and Laquon Treadwell on offense. Even if the Vikings go into Seattle shorthanded, they have the talent to put together a win.

Fortunately, Minnesota should be going into Seattle at nearly full-strength. It was great to see less-experienced players stepping up, but now the Vikings are coming out of their bye week, and we should see the return of several veterans. Star receiver Adam Thielen has been sorely missed with his hamstring injury, and the offensive line sufferwithout guard Josh Kline. Both are likely to return, and they can help the cause out West.

This is the most confident I’ve been in Zimmer, Cousins, and the rest of the crew since the start of last season. So, let’s fly into Seattle and shock the Seahawks.

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