The Vikings’ Secret Weapon

The hunger to win a Super Bowl has left some Vikings fans feeling hangry. 58 years is a long time to wait for a Lombardi, but we’re unlikely to ever win the trophy if our fans don’t get in the game.

Fans have more of an impact on the game of football than they may realize. Take the Seattle Seahawks for example – their fanbase is so loud and loyal that they’ve been nicknamed the 12th-Man. Seattle has become one of the most energized environments to play in, and there’s no reason U.S. Bank Stadium can’t share that same home field advantage. 

If you doubt that the roar of a crowd can drive a team down the field, maybe this quote from Coach Zim will make you a believer. Before a big game against the New Orleans Saints, the no-nonsense coach said, “We need the fans to be loud and rowdy, and make this the loudest stadium that the Vikings have ever played in.” The result? The Minneapolis Miracle. 

Anyone in attendance that day surely saw Syd Davy in the crowd. He’s hard to miss with his purple face paint and horned “Helga Hat.” Davy is the founder of the Viking World Order fan group, and he’s definitely a diehard. Believe it or not, Syd isn’t even from Minnesota, but he makes the trek from Canada to catch every home game. He’s stuck with the team through thick and thin, and his passion for the purple never wanes.

People don’t need to paint their faces and wear Helga Hats to support the team. What really counts is showing up for home games, hitting the road for away games, and always being supportive of players on social media. There’s actually an annual study done by Emory University that ranks football fans based on these factors. Unfortunately, Vikings fans ranked 24th out of 32 when the results were released on Monday.

Minnesota is lucky to have a professional sports team like the Vikings. Remember, the North Stars and the Lakers were shockingly shipped out of state, and their fans were left devastated. The same thing almost happened to the Vikings a decade ago when the team was owned by Red McCombs. 

No one wants to lose the Vikings, and the team has a much better chance of winning with a great fan base. It’s like having a secret weapon. So show some purple pride like Syd, and Skol to the Bowl.

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