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Packers Vs Bears: post game review

 The Packers and Bears open the season for the second year in a row, and this year wasn’t nearly as exciting as last year’s game. The Packers come out on top in a sloppy game riddled with mistakes and bad play calling.

In the first half of this game both defenses dominated the line of scrimmage and stopped either offense from doing much of anything. Aaron Rodgers was able to orchestrate a touchdown drive early in the second quarter that ended up being the only touchdown of the game. Mitchell Trubisky turned in a terrible game failing to score and throwing a ugly interception to former teammate Adrian Amos. He’s finally stat line included a completion percentage under sixty percent. Both teams had spotty and questionable play calling, but the Packers was way worse. Throwing on second and five while trying to end the game is a head scratcher, and they’re lucky it didn’t cost them the game as the ended up punting back to the Bears.

The Packers bright spots were  left tackle David Bahktiaria who was able to handle Khalil Mack for most of the game even though the Offensive line gave up five sacks, and cornerback Jaire Alexander played pretty well for most of the game.  Aaron Rodgers looked particularly rusty missing on throws he could usually make in his sleep. The packers defense had an outstanding showing, but it’s hard to tell if it was because Bears offense played so poorly. They were able to record four sacks, but a lot of those were due to trubisky failing to get rid of the ball.  Don’t buy into the hype just yet, but they proved to be better than last years defense .

The Bears defense play ferociously all game. They played fast and hard and stopped most things coming their way. For one drive the packers were able to use that against them, and score the only touchdown of the game. The Bears’ defense has nothing to worry about they held a former MVP to ten points. The bears offense on the other hand looked awful. Trubisky made poor decisions and was inaccurate down the stretch, and it ultimately limited what the Bears were able to do on offensively . Allen Robinson and David Montgomery played well when given the opportunity, but they only had fourteen touches combined. Lastly, the Bears were penalized so much that they ended having a 1st and 40. Both teams committed ten penalties, but the Bears gave up more yards.

While it is only week one, and both of these teams still have plenty of rust to knock off. Vikings fans should be optimistic about their chances at a division title. They very well may have the best offense in the division, but both defensive lines pose big threats to a Vikings offensive line that is still rebuilding. The Vikings kick off their regular season Sunday at home vs the Atlanta Falcons and hope to tie the Packers for the division lead.

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Deshawn Vaughan is a 21 year old college student who majors in health science. He has been a Vikings fan for over 10 years. #skol

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