Minnesota Vikings Should Not and Will Not Trade Stefon Diggs

Only two weeks ago, trade rumors regarding Vikings receiver Stefon Diggs riddled NFL headlines. After two convincing performances, Diggs has effectively silenced those who fed the rumors, and he has reminded Minnesotans why he belongs in the north

To Vikings fans who thought Diggs might be traded, or opposing GMs hoping to nab a premier receiver, it’s time to put your fantasies to rest.  If Slick Rick Spielman really wanted to trade Diggs, he would’ve made it happen. Not surprisingly, Spielman kept his homegrown receiver far from the trading block, and it is continuing to pay dividends. Diggs went from four catches last week to three touchdowns this week, and he was one missed throw away from adding a fourth. It’s safe to say, Spielman wants to keep Diggs in purple.

Everyone knows Diggs can produce. What doesn’t get talked about enough is his attitude. Yeah, he winked at a reporter and made some mysterious tweets. I’ll just equate that to the Diggs charm. But, unlike other top-tier receivers, Diggs stays out of real trouble, avoids self-inflicted injuries (i.e. frozen feet), and he is respected by his teammates. That’s one of the main reasons another team would want him: he doesn’t come with any baggage. And, that’s another reason why Diggs is not for sale.

Fans (and especially the Vikings scouting department) also love how Diggs rose from his underdog status. From fifth-round flier to maker of the Minneapolis Miracle, he has a story second to only that of Adam Thielen. Speaking of which, the two get along great. Whenever there’s stress in Minnesota, it never gets between the dynamic duo. The receivers certainly hype eachother up, but they also help one another from an X’s and O’s standpoint. Opposing defenses typically double up on one of the studs, leaving the other in man to man coverage. We saw just how well that works three times on Sunday.

On that note, I’m expecting Diggs to have a good game next week in Detroit. Since his rookie season, some of Diggs’ best games have come against the Lions. In recent memory, Detroit’s defense has given up a lot of deep plays to the Vikings, like the Kyle Rudolph hail mary last year. With the lack of production from Rudolph as of late, don’t be surprised if it’s Diggs making plays this time.

So, sorry if you were hoping to trade for Jalen Ramsey or Trent Williams, but it’s not going to happen at the expense of Diggs. It would be an absolute sin to ship Mr. Minneapolis Miracle out of state for one of these guys, and the Vikings need him as they pursue a playoff berth. Keep being you Diggs, I can’t wait to see you winking at Ford Field.

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