“Expert” Says 5-11, I Say 11-5

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Predicting the Vikings 2019 record

Recently, analyst Adam Rank of NFL.com gave his opinion on how the Minnesota Vikings would fare this season. Rank is an avid Bears fan, so some bias was expected. However, thousands of fans on social media (including myself) were appalled to see him pencil in only five wins for the purple. With that disgrace to our state still circulating, it was only appropriate that I combat it with a more realistic prediction of my own.

Week 1 (9/8) – vs. Atlanta Falcons, noon

Bird watchers beware – the Falcons won’t be flying high after the season opener. The Vikings have overcome Atlanta easily in their last three meetings, and this should make it four in a row.

Week 2 (9/15) – at Green Bay Packers, noon

It’s a tall order, but Dalvin “The Chef” Cook will be slicing and dicing the unproven Packers defense on this warm September day. No guarantees Aaron Rodgers and Matt Lafleur will work well together either.

Week 3 (9/22) – vs. Oakland Raiders, noon

The Raiders have some flashy new weapons, but our home field advantage in tandem with Mike Zimmer’s defense will be too tough for Oakland to pillage.

Week 4 (9/29) – at Chicago Bears, 3:25 p.m.

Weird things happen in the Windy City, and Minnesota’s confidence will take a blow with this week four loss.

Week 5 (10/6) – at New York Giants, noon

There’s no saying who the signal caller will be for the Giants in this matchup, but the Vikings should get a big win in the Big Apple. Pat Shurmur has yet to beat his former team, and his wait will continue.

Week 6 (10/13) – vs. Philadelphia Eagles, noon

Bagging some more birds would be sweet, but the Vikings might lay an egg in this klinker of a game. Carson Wentz usually puts on a good show when he’s healthy and playing indoors.

Week 7 (10/20) – at Detroit Lions, noon

Divisional games are no gimme, but the Vikings should be able to assemble a win at Ford Field. Might come down to a kick or two as games have in recent memory.

Week 8 (10/24) – vs. Washington Redskins, 7:20 p.m.

If Case Keenum starts this game, Cousins will be dueling his former team and the creator of the Minneapolis Miracle. This nationally-televised night game will be a thriller for sure, and I predict Kirk proves the Vikings right for spending big bucks.

Week 9 (11/3) – at Kansas City Chiefs, noon

The Chiefs are a powerhouse with Patrick Mahomes at the helm. David won’t be taking down Goliath on the road this November.

Week 10 (11/10) – at Dallas Cowboys, 7:20 p.m.

I’d love to unnerve “America’s Team” in primetime fashion, and I think the Vikings have the talent to do it. The trouble is, this won’t be the night that it happens. Likely a gunfight between two mid-tier quarterbacks, but Dallas thrives under the bright lights.

Week 11 (11/17) – vs. Denver Broncos, noon

Too much instability in Denver for the Broncos to run away with this one. A confidence boost before the bye week.

Week 12 BYE

Week 13 (12/2) – at the Seattle Seahawks, 7:15 p.m.

The Vikings haven’t taken down the Seahawks in almost 10 years, and the 12th Man advantage will prove to be too much yet again.

Week 14 (12/8) – vs. Detroit Lions, noon

If the Vikings are reasonably healthy, this should be a painless takedown. Minnesota’s defense sacked Mathew Stafford 10 times at home last year, and they should steam roll him once more.

Week 15 (12/15) – at Los Angeles Chargers, 7:20 p.m.

The Chargers are a solid team, but they can never seem to put it together when it counts. The fair weather out west will be a relief for the Vikings, and they’ll show they are true contenders in this primetime barn burner.

Week 16 (12/23) – vs. Green Bay Packers, 7:15 p.m.

Both teams will be hunting for a win with the playoffs near. I say Mike Zimmer’s defense holds down the fort, preventing the Packers from leaving Minneapolis with a victory.

Week 17 (12/29) – vs Chicago Bears, noon

At this point in the season, the Vikings may need this win to punch their ticket to the postseason. Revenge is sweet, and Kirk Cousins will steal the crown from the former kings of the north.

Am I being too optimistic about Cousins and the crew? Comment below, or shoot me a message on social media to continue the conversation.

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