A Vikings’ Win In NY Makes All The Bad Go Away

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After a week of tension and rumors, the Vikings have a chance to just let their play do the talking on Sunday. Can they beat the Giants in New York and return to some form of normal?

Maybe Stefon Diggs has had enough about showing the world he hasn’t had enough.

There still remains a chance that the impulsive wide receiver takes his job seriously on Sunday, plays well, and receives what he is due. If that’s 10 catches, 100 yards and a loss, who knows? If it’s half that and a win–unfortunately, we have some evidence to speculate.

Still, Diggs was on the plane to New York with his team, and they all arrived safely together. It makes some optimistic people think that stranger things have happened to this team than a big victory against the New York Giants tomorrow afternoon.

That it’s altogether possible that a talented quarterback like Kirk Cousins might let it rip when he gets his chances in that game. That he might play “within himself” as his coach professes, and play within the offense that the offensive coaches have designed, leading a team to victory rather than appearing as a priceless liability.

Such a thing–easier said than done, surely–could actually get a spirited athlete like Diggs involved in the flow of the game, could enable his quicksilver talents to make plays that were left on the field last Sunday at Chicago.

“Maybe He Should Get Off The Podcast”

But if Kirk Cousins is going to do anything good in New York tomorrow, he’s got to clear his head of everything bad that happened this week.

Forget about all the time he spent apologizing this week. To his fellow wide receivers, his teammates, and to Vikings’ fans in general. It’s the second time he’s done such a thing in such a young season, and one wonders if he spends as much time improving his game as he does thinking about it.

His coach doesn’t seem fond of things like disgruntled wide receivers and contrite quarterbacks, and he’s shown a surly side to the face of pressing questions from the press about unfounded rumors and political grandstanding.

Some Simple Math

Mike Zimmer has learned one thing from his mentor Bill Parcells that can never be bent down or broken off it’s perch of wisdom. It’s more than likely written somewhere in his office so he can see it each time he leaves for player practice.

‘You’re only as good as your record says you are.’

Zimmer’s an Old School coach dealing with plenty of New School players. Maybe he’s a Old World guy living in an New World altogether. The one thing he knows how to do is own job, which at this point in time is winning a few football games to make his team, his fans, and himself feel better.

3-2 feels better than 2-2, and 4-2 is even better than both.

It almost seems too easy to consider the reality of this Minnesota Vikings team that way, in just wins and losses, but its the hardest truth of all in this week of sullen players egos, morose fans and irrepressible conjecture.

One win. Beat a team you’re better than. All-of-a-sudden you’re not the story anymore. The bad goes away like a bored reporter.

That’s the place these Vikings’ need to be.