Hot dish in the fridge: Episode 10

We discuss the Vikings penalty-heavy preseason loss to Jacksonville.

In this installment of HDITF, we break down one of the ugliest football games you will ever watch! The  Vikings took on the Jacksonville Jaguars and between the penalties, injuries and dominating defenses, there just wasn’t a whole lot of fun to be had. We discuss the first team offense and their struggles, specifically Kirk Cousins, Latavius Murray’s fumbling problem and the missed interceptions on defense. We discuss the game being much different if the Vikings defense could have come away with the interceptions that were dropped. Should we be panicking about the offensive line? Or should we be panicking about the performance of our very expensive Quarterback? Perhaps the penalties that are being called this week will not be called in the regular season and we are making too big a deal of it? Make sure you subscribe to the Vikings Territory Youtube channel for all the newest VT videos.

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Tyler Haag

Tyler Haag enjoys writing and talking about sports, especially the Minnesota Vikings. He co-hosts Bleeding Purple Podcast and spends too much time on twitter.

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