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Sick of Monday Morning Hang Overs? Good News! [Introducing Our New Sponsor… Revitalyte!]

Take that... Mondays!

With the fourth and final pre-season game coming tonight, on a week/work/school night, we know a lot of you are wondering how to balance your alcohol intake with your next day responsibilities. Well, worry no longer as finally the football gods have shined upon us all to give us respite from the typical in-season Monday morning “curse”. That means that we won’t have to wake up tomorrow morning early and hungover, to make the drive of shame into work to attempt to power through the mixture of headaches, nausea, dehydration and exhaustion.

That respite comes in the form of a new, Minnesota based, hangover solution called Revitalyte, a “rehydration solution” that’s main goal is to help you Rehydrate, Recover and Repeat. We here at are proud to announce our partnership with Revitalyte this season, as we’ve experienced first hand it’s ability to lessen those Monday morning regrets.

Again… Revitalyte is a rehydration solution that delivers essential electrolytes and f‍‍‍luids when your body needs it most. Designed with an optimal level of sodi‍‍‍um and glucose, Revitalyte is proven to rehydrate better than sports drinks, water, juice and soda

Click Here to find a liquor store near you that sells Revitalyte!

Revitalyte is a Minnesota-based company that focuses on attacking your hangover by first helping with the dehydration that comes from partaking in drink. How? Revitalyte has double the electrolytes and a quarter of the sugar of leading sports drinks, which means you’ll replace the stuff your body needs to function while limiting the stuff that would make things worse. Meaninig that Revitalyte will help combat the dehydration that comes from drinking alcohol and can help avoid all sorts of next day issues like headaches and nausea. Remember to drink Revitalyte before, during, and after you’re drinking to stay hydrated and feeling great.

**Revitalyte will not help with symptoms of Vikings-based trauma**

While Revitalyte is new but is available in liquor stores all over Minnesota, so when you’re grabbing your beer/wine/liquor to deal with the game, make sure you stock up on Revitalyte as well. Click Here to find a store near you!

Also, they will be rolling out a new grape flavor just in time for the Vikings season as well so stay tuned to and/or for news and specials!

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  1. Well they sure didn’t have anything like this back in my drinking days ~ It’s about time ~ !!!!!