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Vikings Spin(man) Cycle [VT Roundtable – Episode 3]

We’re back for another edition of the VT Roundtable! If you missed the first and second episodes, be sure to check them out on our YouTube channel.

This week, we welcomed friend of the site and all-around good guy Luke Inman to the show. If you don’t know Luke, he’s Vikings Twitter’s draft guru and one of the brightest football minds around.

He’s on Twitter at @Luke_Spinman, but if you’d like to read or listen to his work, check out Zone Coverage. This week, we picked Luke’s brain on a variety of topics, from Joe Mixon’s draft stock to the Vikings’ biggest needs heading into the climax of the offseason.

Watch it all unfold after the jump!

Episode 003

  • What are the Vikings’ biggest remaining team needs?
  • Last week we talked about what the Vikings’ run at Alshon Jeffrey meant for Laquon Treadwell. However, we didn’t talk about what it potentially meant for Stefon Diggs. Can Diggs be a No. 1 wideout in the NFL? Does the team view him as such?
  • There have been multiple reports of the Vikings’ interest in talented, yet troubled Joe Mixon. Is Mixon worth the baggage or ‘nah?’
  • Should sports figures like Colin Kaepernick and Chris Kluwe use their celebrity platforms to make political statements?

Each of the participants made a strong case to stick around the entire episode, but Luke continued the newfound tradition of “booting” one of us after each question. I was the lucky winner last week, but you’ll need to watch through the final round to see who comes away victorious.

Three weeks in, how are you liking the show? What can we improve, include, or add to keep things entertaining? We’d love your feedback, and heck, we’d love your participation on future episodes. Let us know in the comments below!

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