VT Roundtable: Zimmer’s Future, Teddy’s Progress & Offensive Depth Review [VIDEO]

Welcome back to the VT Roundtable!

For Episode 13, a four-man group of Austin BelisleBJ ReidellBrett Anderson and Sam Neumann discuss everything from whether or not its acceptable to wear a jersey in a non-football setting to Mike Zimmer’s career future following yet another eye surgery and an announced absence from Organized Team Activities for recovery purpose. Also included are reviews of each offensive position — panelist position grades enclosed — and light-hearted debate on what to takeaway from the most recent video of Teddy Bridgewater’s injury rehabilitation progress.

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  • How to Wear a Jersey for Dummies: Is it “acceptable” to wear like any other T-Shirt?
  • Rapid Fire Analysis: Where Will Sutton and Freddie Tagaloa Fit in Vikings Territory?
  • Coaching Future: How Will Mike Zimmer’s Eye Ailment Affect his Tenure as Head Coach in Minnesota?
  • More Teddy: Does THIS Video Tell Us Anything We Didn’t Already Know? Is There Reason to Celebrate?
  • Grading Depth: Reviewing the Complete Offensive Depth Chart Heading into OTAs (Grades Below)
VT Roundtable — Individual & Cumulative Offensive Depth Grades

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