Teddy vs. Sam | Boneless vs. Bone-In [VT Roundtable – Episode 4]

VT Roundtable - Episode 004 Teddy vs Sam
Image courtesy of Brett Anderson

This week’s episode of the VT Roundtable hits on all the important offseason topics: Boneless vs. bone-in wings, the value of Pro Football Focus, and, of course, Teddy vs. Sam. Vikings Twitter rages on around these age-old questions, and today, we hope to provide a few answers.

Amidst the serious discussion, there were bandanas, eye black, and increasingly difficult cast-off votes. This week’s edition features the familiar VT faces you know and love, plus, a couple of new additions to the show. Be sure to check it out after the jump and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more Vikings videos.

Episode 4

  • Mike Zimmer recently gave an interview where he publicly bashed Pro Football Focus. Where do you stand on PFF?
  • A very important issue: Chicken Wings. Bone-In vs. Bone-Out. Are boneless wings even chicken wings?
  • Sam vs. Teddy: We know that it’s going to be a while before Teddy gets back. However, for the sake of this argument, we are assuming that Teddy is 100% healthy and in the form he displayed last preseason. With that said, if you had to pick Teddy or Sam to be the future of the Minnesota Vikings, who do you pick and why?
  • How worried are we about special teams given that Blair Walsh, Jeff Locke, and Cordarrelle Patterson have all departed since this time last year and Marcus Sherels can’t do everything himself?

As it stands, Sam, Drew, and I have walked away winners of the VT Roundtable. After voting himself off the show, it’s clear B.J. is not in the business of winning, but that’s okay; there’s plenty of episodes ahead.

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