Bump & Run: Pop the Bubbly [VIDEO]

After a mic-related false start last week, Bump & Run returns, buoyed by determination and some electrical tape.

This week, I’m popping champagne to celebrate the NFC North title and the demise of the Packers. We bask in schadenfreude after Green Bay is officially eliminated from the playoffs, reliving the exact moment it happened and discussing what it means for the team. Then, we take a look at the Vikings/Packers game and discuss how much it actually means at this point.

Plus, I examine the three most common criticisms of Case Keenum, and attempt to alleviate the concerns of Vikings fans. Of course, I end with a desperate plea to enjoy the season, because no matter what happens, it’s been a blast so far.

Also I wear a Bob Ross shirt.

Click the link above or watch on YouTube here.  As always, thanks for watching.