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What They’re Saying: The Vikings Draft Class

During the draft, we collected (among many things) quick reaction and analysis from around the web on all of the Vikings selections. Rather than leave them scattered around the site, here is the full list of “What They’re Saying” posts in one place. Each link below takes you to a separate story on an individual draft pick, with a short list of comments from local and national analysts on the player and his fit with the Vikings.

RB Dalvin Cook — Round 2, Pick 9 (41)
OL Pat Elflein — Round 3, Pick 6 (70)
DT Jaleel Johnson — Round 4, Pick 2 (109)

LB Ben Gedeon — Round 4, Pick 14 (120)
WR Rodney Adams — Round 5, Pick 27 (170)
G Danny Isidora — Round 5, Pick 37 (180)
TE Bucky Hodges — Round 6, Pick 17 (201)
Round 7 (4 Picks)
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Sam Neumann

Sam Neumann is a freelance writer and lifelong Vikings apologist. He has seen his share of Vikings-related heartbreak, but believes we are united by the hope that one day that norse ship will come in. Sam is the author of three books, including the New York Times Bestseller Memoirs of a Gas Station. He lives in Denver, Colorado, and has had it with Broncos fans. You can follow him on twitter @NeumSamN.

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  1. Three QUALITY picks and then QUANTITY ruled the last day. Wish we took one of the developmental tackles. Always worth watching Patriots only drafted a few players- two of which were tackles Garcia and Davenport that will need some work. Making safety a higher priority would have been nice. That’s what I’m saying.