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Vikings Free Agency Chatter, News & Rumors

Free agency is underway and the Vikings new is starting to flow. We’ve seen the Vikings lose some familiar faces, sign an offensive lineman, and we are frantically trying to sort out the legitimate reports from the nuisance rumors.

We’ve setup a page that has a live chat where you can hash everything out with our VT gang, and many of the internet’s very best Vikings fans! And, as always, you can check back here for all the latest news from Twitter and Vikings Territory in one spot.

We’d love to have you come on in and participate in the conversation. Use the link below to join!

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. I can’t believe how quiet we’ve been on free agency do we really want to get better or is it business as usual

  2. Is this a joke? aee we even trying to get better muchless contend? Are O line is just getting worse not better. So now we have 2 starters and not even great just so so. Cant even look to the draft poor daft class. If I was bradford at this moment id be asking for a trade, simply to not die

    1. I am thinking that the addition of Reiff makes them better, yet I certainly am with you in thinking that they should have done all they could to get Whitworth, plus Wagner or Reiff, and Zeitler. Only thinking that Kalil going elsewhere is an improvement in itself. Fusco tanked and is not going to get much after 2 very blah seasons, no loss there. Sad to see Harris go but we don’t know if he will even play again…. So how are they worse on the o line? No one they let go was worth a plug nickel.

  3. What about Austin pasztor from Cleveland,or ty neske from wash he played well against us this year

  4. Ricky has never been good at fa. He’s had a few good drafts but that’s about it. Time for him to go

    1. Or drafting for that matter. We have more wasted number 1s then the browns in the last ten years. Half our picks dont even make the team. Its a joke

      1. look though some of our 1round picks though the past 5,6 years and i think you might take back what you said.

        1. 2010 traded back took 2 second rounders cook and gerhart work out well didnt it. 2011 christian ponder that was great. 2012 matt kalil 4th overall great.not Harrison smith that was excellent. 2013 3 shariff Floyd hasnt worked out so well but still on team thats a start. Xavier rhodes is good patterson who is about to leave hasnt worked out. 2014 teddy which we dont know will ever play again anthony barr which is good. 2015 trae waynes who hasnt manged to play yet. 2016 treadwell which has shown nothing. And apparently the coaching staff is having problems with since going after alshon jeffery. So where exactly am I wrong. I see 3 picks which were good in the last 7 years

  5. Pretty slow, not too exciting of a day but we did pick up a good, versatile Ol man in Reiff. I still have faith in Zimmer and Spielman. We still have trades to do and draft picks to make and I’m certain we’ll see some wheeling and dealing going on. We’ll end up starting the season in much better shape that we were in last season, mark my words.

    1. I agree Fran, I sure wish they would have done more yesterday but at least they got one good one. Lang is still out there, unless something happened today. Not over yet but the “prizes” are gone. I would love to hear that Mike Harris is able to play again, also wondering about Hill and Long. The former looked good in his one game and the latter could be good if he could stay on the field for more than one game in a row.

      1. Well, we picked up a Rt and a LT, both HUGE needs on the Oline. Both guys seem very solid players, so I’m stoked. We lost Charles Johnson today, so how we hang onto the ‘Flash’! Weird about Mike Harris, never heard what the problem was/is with him? Bummer about Long blowing his achilles but that probably finished him.

        1. Agree, Fran. I think the team took a positive step forward the past two days on the offensive line. I’m happy we decided to give a boat load of money to Reiff instead of Kalil. I think Remmers will perform much better moving back over to RT, his more natural position.

          1. Totally agree with Reiff over Kalil. Also hope your thought regarding Remmers to be true. They just could not afford to sign Whitworth, and Wagner, and Zeitler. I understand the want for all of them, but there is no way they could sign them all, or even two of the three, and still have any cap space. They were able to improve the line significantly and still have cap space.

          2. I never could figure out Kalil. Kept wanting him to turn the corner, become the LT we thought we drafted but just never happened (Other than his rookie season) So now, as a good Viking fan, hope he crashes and burns in Carolina. But yeah, so far I think we’ve done well. . .of course that will be up to Reiff and Remmer.

        2. I’m stoked to Fran. I also found it very strange that Harris’ injury was never revealed. Just bizarre from start to finish, and for a guy that paid his dues and played so well once he got a chance to start. With the money saved on not signing Whitworth and Wagner, they can afford to deal with Flash AND extend Xavier, Kendricks, etc.

          1. haven’t heard anything on Patterson yet. Guess he was visiting Oakland yesterday. Would hate to lose him!

      2. With the signing of Remmers, Lang virtually ruled out at this point. I’ve heard quite a few people express their optimism and excitement for Rashod Hill… We’ll see. Hard to say after only one start (albeit, one he performed well in).

        1. This is true Brett, but he will not be expensive to retain and at the very least he will provide competition and depth. I think that he should be retained. Would have been happier to see that resigned him over Kerin and Sirles. True that Hill had only one start, but he did look very good while the other two received their share of groans from us fans.

        2. Wouldn’t it be really weird if all of a sudden we had a good Oline with decent depth?

  6. Looks like we have not taken the, let get it done approach like we have the last few years in free agents, & let the Good O Linemen slip away. Too Bad because then the trend then is to greatly overpay an average at best player and do no good for the team. We have to hope that we can up-coach what we have left on roster. Lets also hope we go after Real Good Players with the draft choices we have. Come on Rick & Zimmer we know you can Wheel & Deal & get it done. Go Vikings!!

  7. If we sign a bunch of FA and they don’t pan out then your stuck with paying them that money. What about our guys we have to resign Rhodes, Barr, Kendricks, etc. can’t get everyone through FA it doesn’t work that way. No one signs a couple FAs and becomes an absolute powerhouse. You build through the draft and Pocic, lamp and moton would be huge for us moving forward as a franchise.

    1. No doubt Jrayn, which is why they couldn’t break the bank to sign just 2 o linemen at a combined cost of over $25M per season. They will not ignore extending Rhodes and Kendricks for sure (at least I hope). I also think that they will extend Barr despite his less than stellar last season. Rick is on the hot seat for ignoring the o line in the early rounds, I doubt he will make the same mistake this year. I would not at all be surprised to see any of the draftees you mentioned be drafted. I am thinking that their first pick will likely be one of them, likely their first pick in the 3rd too.

  8. Wow. Glad we got at least two starting OL. You know we have signed a couple more to our practice squad and still have time to pick up someone, and the draft is comming. Thought we could have got better Starting lineman ? Saving money ? Spielman this is where we needed to spend ? Spielman may trade up in draft and get best OL. Or at least top 2 ? Come on man. A lil disappointed but must have faith , again !!!!!

  9. We have the worst offensive lineman drafts ever coming up but yes by all means go and blow a bunch of picks on crappy oline players. But meanwhile we lost a chunk of the rest of the team. 2 wrs cause the flash is not coming back he needed to go last year a cb, a te, a punter, etc etc. So who are you going yo get to play those positions all those wasted oline picks? Weve drafted olineman after olineman they all sucked. And last years draft was a joke the draft before it was ok the year before was a bust. Ect etc etc. Spielman has shown he cant draft oline and qbs in particular and the rest is 50/50 at best

  10. albert breer tweet –

    Vikings’ investment in OL is off the charts. Riley Reiff gets $58.75M over 5 with $26.3M fully guaranteed. Mike Remmers gets $30M over 5.

  11. We signed 2 OL tackles that can do what we havent had in a while. They stay on the field and play every game. Consistency matters and is important in building an O line. I like the 2 FA and at the right price. Wouldnt mind seeing Lacy as the hammer back running behind them.

  12. It’s interesting that Reiff and Remmers are both better run blockers than pass blockers. That says to me that Zimmer still wants to run a run-heavy offense (Hello, Eddie Lacy?). Personally, I think they are both a huge improvement over what we had, even if neither were the best players available at their position. Barring any additional – and surprising – free agent signings, we’ll be going into 2017 with the following offensive line:

    LT – Reiff backed up by Hill
    LG – Boone
    C – Easton or Kerin
    RG – Berger
    RT – Remmers backed up by Sirles

    Backing up the guards should be Clemmings and Beavers; I’d love to see us use a third-rounder in the draft on a more polished guard, but I’m pretty satisfied with this line, otherwise.

    I wouldn’t fault Spielman so much for inactivity on day 1 of free agency since he apparently made quite the push for Alshon Jeffery, much as I would have preferred Brandon Marshall myself. On the other hand, I’m not pleased about losing Captain Munnerlyn, even with Mackensize Alexander on the roster. Signing Leon Hall for the slot and Domata Peko to back-up Linval Joseph would make me feel much better.