Bump & Run, Week 5: We ARE Having Fun

In this week’s episode, we give Odell Beckham Jr. a pacifier, thank Norv Turner for watching the show, and make a few suggestions for the offense. That, plus predicting the outcome of the Texans game and the Somewhat Random Player who will score a touchdown this week.

Hit play on the video above for Bump & Run, Week 5, or just click here.

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Sam Neumann

Sam Neumann is a freelance writer and lifelong Vikings apologist. He has seen his share of Vikings-related heartbreak, but believes we are united by the hope that one day that norse ship will come in. Sam is the author of three books, including the New York Times Bestseller Memoirs of a Gas Station. He lives in Denver, Colorado, and has had it with Broncos fans. You can follow him on twitter @NeumSamN.

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  1. If Walsh can’t hit the kicks…you cut him. It’s long overdue. Do it and do it now. There are guys out there that can hit 40 yarders on a much higher %. It will come back to bite us…more than likely.
    These videos are dumb, lazy journalism plain and simple. Just like those stupid podcasts, just dumb.
    I usually like your articles Sam…but stop it with these. Just uninterested in watching a dude talk….if you want to talk do radio. Maybe I’ll listen while driving.
    I agree with most of what you’re saying, except the Teddy vs Sam thing. Teddy is better than Bradford, we would be 4-0 with Teddy…c’mon man! Sam is playing well, no doubt. Teddy brings a whole different game, at the end of the day Bridgewater is the best QB for this team. We’re 4 games in, I love the start, and think Rick made a good trade. Because he saw what we have and made the correct choice to get a guy who can work with a great defense. Maybe I mis-heard what you said….another dumb thing about a video….I do not wanna go back and watch to see if I mis-heard you!
    Of course maybe there are people who like watching a dude talk.

  2. Geez! CC, COME ON MAN! That was high entertainment. (Thank you Sam) I normally agree with your takes, but Come on, Teddy better for this team than Bradford??? Get real dude!