OPEN THE GATES (For Football That Doesn’t Count) [PODCAST]

The Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings officially (kinda) open up US Bank Stadium Sunday at noon as they welcome in the Los Angeles Chargers of Anaheim San Diego Super Chargers for an afternoon of full speed football that doesn’t count. Teddy Bridgewater says he’s playing. Adrian Peterson says he’s not. Still a few positons and roster spots up for grabs before the team has to whittle the roster down to 75 by 4pm ET on Thursday. We discuss some of those items as well as what we want to figure out about this new behemoth of a stadium.

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Today’s Brand New Toy Talking Points Include:
• How’s Teddy Gonna Look?
• Adrian’s Not Playing in the Preseason
• Who’s Going to Start at Center?
• What’s The Wide Receiver Order Going to Be?
• Can the Running Game Get Going?
• Can the Offensive Line Protect?
• Will Moritz Boehringer be a 75-Man Cut?
• The Health of Kendricks, Floyd, Xavier, Barr
• Can the Defense Still be Elite with Missing Pieces?
• Who’s Going to Be on the Roster at Safety?
• Will the “Gates” Be Open?
• How is the Sun Going to Play?
• Will Some Players Get a Stay of Execution?
• How Loud Can US Bank Stadium Get?

All that and other “On My Mark…. Open the Doors.” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint

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Producer Credit: Daniel Paluch (@DanielPaluch)

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Andy Carlson

Andy Carlson (Podcast Producer) is life-long Vikings fan with a sense of humor to help dull the pain of that existence. Sports are fun. They're meant to be be enjoyed and not taken too seriously. He lives that mantra over at the Purple FTW! Podcast: Dedicated to the Pain AND Pleasure that is the Minnesota Vikings. Check out his shenanigans there and on Twitter @AndyCarlsonShow and @PurpleForTheWin.

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  1. It’s not the Minnesota “Fightn'” Vikings. It’s simply the Minnesota Vikings. Has been for over 50 years. If you really want to continue to attempt to change their name (Will never happen) you should try to find something less redundant. (ALL Vikings were fighters.) Maybe try something like the Flyin’ Vikings, or maybe the Flipping’ Vikings, or how about the Flatulencen’ Vikings? Geez man! Give it up! NOBODY but you calls them anything but the Minnesota Vikings.

    1. Andy’s prerogative I guess, it’s his article. But I agree Fran, sounds sophomoric or disingenuous. Purple People Eaters.. try that one Andy!!

    2. “ALL Vikings were fighters.”

      Well, mostly correct there, old friend, with the notable exception of Petr the Pink. He was a bit of a sissy as far as Vikings go; terrible in a scrap. It’s rumored he spent way too much time polishing Viking horns, and had an obscene amount of cats.

          1. It’s a numbers thing. Do i have something against any one cat? Not at all. But when you have a clowder (or glaring, if you prefer) in your house, yeah, that’s pretty rough.

            1. I actually prefer calling a group of cats, “Too many”. Although a ‘Clowder’ is pretty cool too. Rhymes with Chowder, and we all know how cats love their Chowder. but I digress. Knowing you like i do Tomb, I know where you’re going with this; “The Minnesota Clowderin’ Vikings”!! TaDah!
              I kind of wish our mascot would have been a Raven. in a group, they’re known as a ‘Murder’. Say it will me Andy: “The Minnesota Murderin’ Vikings”

  2. Well, the “Vikes” is a perfectly good nickname that’s been around forever. And I’d have no problem reviving the “Purple Gang” or “Purple People Eaters” nicknames of the past if the 2016 defense even approaches the quality of some of the storied Vikings’ defenses of the past. Few teams have ever matched the 1969-1971 Purple People Eaters, but I think this defensive unit has a shot at giving the late 80’s, late 90’s and even the mid-70’s defenses a run for their money.

    I did get a giggle out of “the Flatulencen’ Vikings,” by the way.

  3. Moritz is going on the Practice squad, maybe in a few years he’ll be at Thielen’s level only bigger and faster yet.