NFC NORTH ROUNDUP: Guard Swap, Kicker Swap, & Other Ongoings

The Minnesota Vikings have, unfortunately, stolen much of the print space over the last week or so. While we all wait to see how the Teddy Bridgewater injury and Sam Bradford acquisition impact the future of this talented young team, there are always those pesky NFC North enemies waiting for their chance to knock off the reigning champs.

This is where we take a quick break from our purple obsession to take a look around the NFC North to see what the other three teams are up to.


To an outsider, the last minute decision in Green Bay to part ways seems awfully peculiar considering how well he has been playing in recent years. The move is particularly strange for Green Bay considering their rival Chicago Bears were able to scoop him up almost immediately, which works out perfectly for a team that desperately needed help and leadership on their woeful offensive line.

ā€œIā€™m not going to sit here and go through every variable, every component of our program, but each player is evaluated,” said Green Bay’s head coach Mike McCarthy. “Every person that touches the locker room has always been evaluated because the locker room is the most important room in our building, frankly, in my opinion. Decisions are made all the time about trying to improve and continue the flow of growth for our football program.ā€

The Packers will be replacing Sitton at left guard with Lane Taylor who has started two NFL games in his career.


Chicago made a somewhat shocking decision of their own when they cut long-time kicker Robbie Gould and replaced him with Connor Barth shortly after. The move clearly was a surprise to those within the locker room.

“I mean, he’s Robbie Gould,” guard Kyle Long said. “He’s somebody that has been in this locker room for a long time. He was the last guy (left) from Lovie (Smith’s) Super Bowl team.”

The Saints had parted ways with Barth, also a somewhat surprising move, as part of their final cuts, as well.


All offseason long, the Detroit Lions have stated plainly that no one receiver can replace Calvin Johnson. Now, however, they have to hope that four can do the trick because that is all they kept on their final roster.

The decision to keep only four wide outs is an unusual one in today’s NFL, no doubt. The Lions kept Golden Tate, Anquan Boldin, Andre Caldwell, and Marvin Jones. They are also expected to sign former Viking Isaac Fruechte to a practice squad that already contains pass catchers Jace Billingsley and T.J. Jones.

If you are a fantasy football nut then this is likely a good sign for the production potential of running back Theo Riddick and tight end Eric Ebron. Both of these guys were already expected to be big parts of the offense, and will seemingly be depended on even more now that the Lions have willingly let their wide receiver options dwindle.


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