Practice Squad Swap: Roberson For Bykowski

We’ve been keeping very close watch on all things regarding the Minnesota Vikings practice squad, 53-man roster, and the depth chart.

When the team announced their final cuts and subsequent practice squad additions many of us Vikings fans were elated to see preseason showers Tre Roberson and Toby Johnson make it through unclaimed. As it turns out, Roberson may not be in as high of demand as we thought he might be after a great camp and preseason.

The quarterback-turned-cornerback has already been replaced on the Minnesota Vikings practice squad.

The Vikings announced Roberson’s release, via a press release distributed by the organization, and also announced that they replaced him with third year offensive lineman Carter Bykoski.

While it might be surprising that the team is willing to lose Roberson, it was almost as surprising that Bykowski didn’t at least make the practice squad in the first place. He didn’t exactly have a stellar preseason, but the team is short on pass blockers these days, and his services could be required if Matt Kalil’s injuries persist.

It has been speculated about the Vikings, in the past, that they try and essentially house an extra man on their practice squad by cycling through a pair of willing players week after week – cutting one and signing the other, then doing the same in reverse.

Solid, young cornerbacks are not easy to come by. Count me among those that hope Roberson didn’t catch a plane home following this transaction.

Here is the current Minnesota Vikings practice squad:

  • WR Moritz Böhringer
  • RB C.J. Ham
  • DT Toby Johnson
  • OT Carter Bykowski
  • QB Joel Stave
  • OG Willie Beavers
  • TE Kyle Carter
  • DE Stephen Weatherly
  • OG Isame Faciane


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Adam Warwas

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  1. I don`t mind the swaps…it is shrewd…But I would rather it be done with somebody we dont mind losing like Stave…Especially with Heinicke getting better….And I doubt there will be any interest in Stave anyway

  2. Wildly Beavers can go! The worst Pick in the draft for this season! Never saw what they do in him! I sure hope he makes me eat these words down the road! But just sayin… Tre had some game! He deserves the spot more…

  3. Right now they need Oline deapth more than CB. Tre will be invited back next year or later this year. This will probally be the last year for Captain and Newman so he might have a shot at making the roster.