NFL Draft 2016

The Vikings Greats That Will Make A Draft Weekend Appearance

The NFL has lined up special dignitaries, largely made up of former players, to announce second and third round picks for the respective teams which they are associated with.

The Vikings have announced that the two former players slated to announce their picks are E.J. Henderson and Daunte Culpepper.


Of course, Culpepper has a well-known place in Vikings lore after they selected him 11th overall in 1999. He remained with the Vikings until 2005 when he was traded to Miami for a second round pick.

Henderson was a second round pick for the Vikings in 2003 and he played linebacker for the Vikings until 2011. Late in 2009, Henderson fell victim to a gruesome knee injury and was that season Ed Block Courage Award recipient. In an unprecedented amount of time, Henderson returned for 2010’s training camp and played one of his best seasons of football which was recognized with a Pro Bowl nod.

Always a fun little feature of Draft Weekend, it will be nice to take a short trip down memory lane and once again see two players that clearly identify as Vikings play a part in an eventful weekend.


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Adam Warwas

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  1. I will never forget seeing EJ’s injury. One of the most gruesome of all time, right up there with Tim Krumrie in the super bowl and Theisman. Felt so bad for him. He worked so hard for so long, finally became a very good MLB and was taken out by his own team mate that grossly missed the ball carrier.