NFL Draft 2016

Minnesota Vikings 2016 UDFA Tracker

Minnesota Vikings 2016 UDFA Tracker:

I will be doing my best to compile reports and rumors regarding the Minnesota Vikings and their 2016 undrafted free agent signings. I will only include names that come with a link sourced the information, but feel free to help us get the latest updates by dropping links into the comments section here.

It is important to remember that a commitment from an undrafted free agent doesn’t mean the deal is official. Physicals have to take place first and agents have been known to take better offers for their clients even after a commitment has been made. We’ll do our best to be accurate, of course, but nothing is official until the Minnesota Vikings say so.

Be sure to bookmark this page and refresh often (F5) for the latest updates. We’ll start listing the UDFAs as soon as we get wind of them and will expand with full breakdowns of the player in later posts.

Brandon Ross, RB, Maryland (via Mike Loyko)
Kyle Carter, TE, Penn St. (via Aaron Wilson)
Jake Ganus, ILB, Georgia (via Jake Ganus himself)
Eric Rawls, CB, Kentucky State (via NFL Draft Diamonds)
Keith Baxter, DB, Marshall (via Mark Gale)
Theiran Cockran, DE, Minnesota (via Ryan Burns)
Jhurell Pressley, RB, New Mexico (via Christian Shanafelt)
Joel Stave, QB, Wisconsin (via Aaron Wilson)
Marken Michel, WR, UMASS (via Peter Ariz)
Denzell Perine, OLB/DE, FIU (via Ron Turner)

Know of more?

If you’ve have some news on additional UDFA signings, post a link in the comments and we’ll add it to the list.

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        1. *#$#@!!!! I would trade any one of their last four picks for either Lecompte or Hackett. Well, we suffered with Kluwe shanking 20 yard punts out of bounds for a few years, I guess we have one more year of being frustrated with Locke.

              1. Hey, can you honestly say that Locke has been better than Kluwe ON the field? I subscribed to PFF’s premium stats back then and remember that although Kluwe’s last two years were only mediocre, they were still ranked “in the green,” i.e., above +1. Locke, on the other hand, has ranked “in the red,” that is, below -1, for each season he’s been in the league.

  1. So we didn’t sign Nembot, Caputo, Ochi, Jeremy Cash, Geronimo Allison, Michael Caputo, Tre Madden, Vernon Adams or a punter… That sucks

    1. Darren Wolfson βœ” β€Ž@DWolfsonKSTP
      NDSU’s Ben LeCompte is now indeed coming to #Vikings rookie camp, I’m told. Good punter and kickoff guy.

      1. CJ Smith to Philly
        Andrew Bonnett to Carolina
        Lecompte to Bears, UFA’s

        Lucas Albers TE NDSU to Arizona
        Jeremy Kelly OG NDSU to Atlanta, Camp tryouts.

  2. Holy smokes, Pressley averaged over nine yards per carry as a sophomore and a junior! Only 6.2 yards per run as a senior, but he also has 35 TD’s in 394 rushing attempts – running back rotation, I assume – over the course of his college career. Not many receptions and no punt or kick-off returns, though. Still, some more competition in the offensive backfield is a good thing.

    1. Thanks for the info CK, that is very impressive regardless of conference. ONLY 6.2. I know you used the word in a relative sense, but 6.2 would still be impressive without having two years of over 9. Over 9 is just crazy insane production.

        1. luv, I should have put only in quotation marks to make sure everyone got that.

          Albert, really? Any word that he’s ever returned punts or kick-off before, or informed speculation that he’d be effective doing so? Also, do you have any insight into his pass-catching skills or lack thereof? I ask because the only way I think he makes the team this year, as opposed to the practice squad, is if he can do more than just run the ball from scrimmage.

    1. Are you also a Bison alum WTF? It is conflicting for me since my alma mater’s colors are so close to the Packers! Go Herd, Go Vikes!!

  3. You guys do realize that with the quality of our roster there was no way we were going to be attracting the top UDFAs this year, right? I get and agree with the punter comments, but seriously what other position would any agent in their right mind recommend their client sign with us at? Our draft picks will have trouble making this club, there just aren’t enough open roster spots for this to be an appealing spot for these guys to land.

    1. Good point Dan, I think it is unlikely that any of the final four picks make the roster. But Lecompte or Hackett likely would have, at least a fighting chance. Maybe the Vikes don’t have hope for Crichton and/or thinking depth after Robison retires, but the DE is going to have a tough time making the final 53. They were in need of a GOOD SS, not a project that likely won’t make the team. MoBo? Another blocking TE to compete with Zach and Leonhart? I am thinking that drafting a punter instead of any of these guys would have made more sense. I know you were referring to UFDA’s and did not miss what you wrote “other than a punter…” but they should have tried to get a quality punter. Locke was making us all happy year one, not so much since.

      1. I disagree to the extent that I think the sixth and seventh rounders all have a real shot at the practice squad. For Weatherly, Crichton and Trattou (who I like a lot) are not insurmountable obstacles if the team wants to try him at DE, nor are Watts and Lewis at OLB. Kearse has all of the physical attributes to be a worthwhile project, and I doubt any of the safeties besides Smith and Sendejo have strangleholds on their roster spots (re: Griffin, remember Taylor Mays and Kurt Coleman). It made perfect sense to pick a blocking TE to compete for Ellison’s position pending his return, and Morgan has exactly the bona fides to make a run at it. Finally, Boehringer is another physical specimen who I think might replace Patterson as the primary kickoff returner next year.

        I don’t ever remember being satisfied with Locke and I certainly would like to see him challenged for the job, but going for the BPA in the later rounds for positions that could use some competition for the back-up position makes sense to me. Anyone know if Locke is better punting indoors than out? Greg Coleman was an effective outdoors punter but his average did increase when the team moved into the Metrodome, so maybe Locke will do better in the Longboat (has anyone come up with a nickname for the new stadium, yet?).

        1. Ck, just to be upfront, I don’t watch hours and hours of game tape, I am only basing my opinion on the scouting reports and the bit of game film for each on VT. Sure they have a chance, and there is some intrigue in all four. But it will be tough for them. The TE was a pass catching machine as UTSA, but how will that translate to the next level when he is being projected as a blocking TE? Which is fine, a good blocking tight end is very nice to have. But they already have Zach, Ellison should be back, and they just picked up Leonhart (sp?). I would think the latter would be expendable if the rook flashes. Already crowded at WR but of course BoMo would be incredible if he could get more deceptive and smooth running routes. How can you not like his size and speed? But he is iffy. The safety has very good size, but has trouble sometimes in coverage. I think that the DE has the best chance of the four, and maybe more than just one makes it from this group… Can’t have too many good pass rushers. I like the LB, game tape of the tackle looked good. But some also say that he will just be another David Yankey. (I liked the pick when they drafted Yankey, huge and was tough to move while at Stanford, but something is up when the line is so decimated and he is still a healthy scratch.. he is done) I don’t dislike any of these picks mentioned above. And I think that all of their first four picks make the roster for sure, except for maybe Beavers, and at worst he makes the practice squad. I just thought that they should have nailed down Lecompte or Hackett, either would likely beat out Locke. But all is moot if what Albert wrote above is true regarding Lecompte coming to Minny. It will be a fun season for us CK, no doubt our Vikes improved big time through free agency and this draft.

          1. “Ck, just to be upfront, I don’t watch hours and hours of game tape, I am only basing my opinion on the scouting reports and the bit of game film for each on VT.”

            The same goes for me, friend. I’ve been a long-distance fan of the Vikes for 40 years; the most Vikings games I ever saw in a season was easily 2009. But I’ve been buying NFL season annuals from the beginning – Cord and Petersen’s back in the day, Lindy’s and PFW’s, among others, in recent years – and have even hunted them down going all the way back to Vikings Year One (1961). Pro Football Reference has been a godsend (Damn, Grady Alderman and Tommy Mason were good) but stats and honors aren’t everything, and everything is NOT on the internet (although if you ever want to get the full story of the original Vikings-to-Giants Fran Tarkenton trade, thank the gods for Google News Archive Search and the St. Petersburg Times microfilm archives).

            “I liked the pick when they drafted Yankey, huge and was tough to move while at Stanford, but something is up when the line is so decimated and he is still a healthy scratch.”

            Oh yeah, me too, I loved that pick at the time. I wish him all the best with the Panthers, though.


            Ohhhh, you mean Moritz “Silence” Boehringer (thank you, Sports Illustrated, for telling us his German football nickname).

  4. Thanks Adam for the udfa tracker…only site I’ve found that’s bringing this info. Also we can chill about a punter guys, they’re a dime a dozen and you can always pick one up if needed. Apparently they feel like Locke’s issues are correctable. He’s had some great games and many more bad ones but they know better than us his potential to correct his issues.

    1. The Vikes have a dime a dozen punter now VL, I would like to see them have a top 15 punter. Which both Lecompte and Hackett could be. Good punters can be game sealers. I do remember a couple of times last year when Minny had less than a one score lead, little time left on the clock, had to punt from deep in their own territory, and a 45 + punt would have pushed them back to the 35 or so, make it more difficult for the other team. Locke would manage a 30 or 35 yarder and give the opponent the ball near midfield. Puts a lot more pressure on the defense especially if all that is needed to tie or win is a FG.

      1. Ah, I’d love it if we traded for Joe Thomas and Andy Lee. Maybe the Browns would take Kalil, Harris, Sirles and those extra third and fourth rounders the Dolphins gave us next year. It would be totally out of character for Speilman to do it, but I can dream.

        1. I was having the same thoughts during FA ck. Browns cleaning house for booku draft picks, I was hoping that the vikes could fanagle a deal for Thomas. Lee would be great too. Although it might be that Harris develops into a very good player. He certainly did ok when he played due to injures. I am thinking that his play may be responsible for MN not drafting a safety higher. Still, Thomas and Lee for that group of three, plus only having one pick in the third and fourth next year instead of two? Hell yeah!

  5. Anybody know why Jeremy Cash went undrafted? Lots of mocks had him 2nd round, some even first. In the box safety is a dying bred I know but he made a lot of tackles

    1. His fall was perplexing to me too Matt. He was the 90th ranked player over all, Yet 255 drafted and not him. There must have been a reason why all 32 teams passed on him.

      1. A lot of scouts viewed Cash as an in the box safety who can’t cover,so his one dimensionality likely took him out of the mix.I am surprised though that somebody didn’t take a flyer on him late in the draft.

  6. Darren Wolfson just tweeted:
    “NDSU’s Ben LeCompte is now indeed coming to #Vikings rookie camp, I’m told. Good punter and kickoff guy.”

  7. Marshaun Coprich RB Illinois St to Minnesota Vikings

    NDSUs punter LeCompte will be attending the Vikes minicamp as well as the Bears