NFL Draft 2016

Josh Doctson It Is… Unless It Isn’t

The latest Vikings draft rumors have them targeting Josh Doctson.

The draftnik community seems to recognize the Minnesota Vikings could go in a number of directions on Draft Weekend, but they are seemingly all hedging their bets towards a wide out being selected first. That speculation includes the most recent mock drafts posted by our staff here at Vikings Territory.

That speculation has been mainly narrowed down to two names: Laquon Treadwell and Josh Doctson.

We have discussed these two players at length on this site, including our recent “Question of the Week” segment focusing on which wide out our staff prefers in the first round.

The most recent rumors, courtesy of Matt Miller’s report at Bleacher Report, cites a Vikings scout as saying the team prefers Doctson over Treadwell.

It’s no secret that the Vikings need a starting wide receiver, and a scout in the front office tells me they prefer TCU’s Josh Doctson in Round 1. Minnesota scouts don’t consider running back to be a priority in this draft class.

Of course, any news of this sort should be served with many grains of salt, but they aren’t any less dependable than the words that come straight from the mouth of Rick Spielman. That’s why it should come as no surprise that Spielman’s statements on the subject Tuesday were not exactly following the same path as Miller’s report.

We are not honed in on a receiver in the first round.

These are the words Spielman chose to tell reporters on Tuesday and I’m guessing the words were carefully chosen ahead of time. He also went out of his way to shed a positive light on the team’s current receivers and point to Stefon Diggs as an example of a player at a position of need that was found in later rounds of the Draft.

Spielman tried to express his willingness to select the best player available over the perceived need at receiver, a statement our own Sam Neumann pretty much pegged just moments prior to Spielman’s comments, but for Vikings fans there are roughly 48 hours left of Treadwell versus Doctson debates to be had.

Laquon Treadwell Scouting Report

Josh Doctson Scouting Report

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  1. I wouldn’t mind them getting in the middle of a team wanting to move up from the end of the first. Swap picks and get another 2nd. Get a badass DL at the end of 1 and to 2nds to land Micheal Thomas and whatever else.

    1. We can only hope! (or at least I am hoping with you WTF) As Aussie and Path pointed out, there are so many defensive players this year that the talking heads are claiming to be highly unlikely of a bust. The Vikes d was doing something repeatedly last year that they could not for many years.. Stop teams from winning the game on their final drive. Would it not be nice to see them with a top 5 defense again? A defense that other teams fear. Three stud linebackers and two stud safeties would give them that with the d linemen that they have. Hopefully Xavier and Trae continue to improve. If all parts play out, this defense could be very, very good. If Teddy has time to go through his reads and find his secondary receivers, defenses won’t be able to stack the box every down and Adrian and Jerrick will tear it up. I was at a few games last year and Jarius was open over the middle a lot, Teddy just rarely had time to find him.

  2. I think the years of debating coach have messed with my head. I’d rather draft some meat on the line or DB’s than the truly flashy positions like WR.

    Damn you coach, wherever you may be.

  3. I don’t get you guys against Doctson and Treadwell. Do you not remember how bad our offense was last year? It wasn’t just the Oline that needed help. WR is by far our weakest position on the team and oh yeah we are trying to develop a QB. If either of those two WR are there at 23 the vikings should not even blink and just take him. If they are both gone, trade back. If we do not address WR in the first two rounds be prepared to very frustrated with this offense again next year. This defense can is championship caliber, the offense is not.

    1. This defense is good,but not championship caliber.13th in total defense,16th in rushing d,21st in passing d.We can get a WR in the 2nd or 3rd round,the top of this draft is loaded with defensive talent,and we need to take advantage of that.

      1. exactly! Buy low sell high, I sez. Or: when strawberries are in season,get a bunch and freeze em’. This year is a bumoer crop of DL, and it seems to me Linval was on the field too much and thus got overworked and banged up. Shamar Stephen? Puhleeze, not even as good as Guion, who was never special. Get Chris Jones and coach him up to not take plays off, but if he rotates he probably won’t. Also too, Myles Redmond can be gotten a bit later. That Kearse safety guy.
        There’s interesting WR later, like Sheppard, or that Garrett from Tulsa. diggs we got late. The only use of Treadwell I can see is if you committ to 19-12 yd pass plays because of his quick release but slow otherwise. Good for red zone efficiency,, maybe, but you could use another TE to accomplish that

      2. One of the stud LB’s in the first and a safety in the second could put them in a position to be top 5. To LJ.. I think that there were too many factors to directly point the finger at last year’s WR’s. Porous o line, Teddy missing open receivers, Teddy not having time to find open receivers. Statisitcally, TB was one of the most often hit QB’s in the league and also was at the bottom of the league in time to throw. Barely 2 seconds to get rid of the ball on average before a defender was on him. Yes, Wallace is gone. But they also have Charles Johnson returning. Plenty of WR to be had with good size that will be available in rounds 3 and 4 that have as much potential as Doctson for sure. I am wary of him. Played against poor defenses on a pass happy team. And we are all aware of the potential for bust at the WR position.. But that is probably true for all positions. Could be that the high pick WR’s that flop get more attention. Anyway, scouts point to Doctson’s limited route running ability too. My dream pick is Reggie Ragland in the first. They could also start using Rudolph and Pruitt in the red zone more often. It just seems that there are more options with less risk or are already in place for MN to panic and pull another Troy Williamson just because Wallace is gone.