NFL Draft 2016

Grade The Trade And Pick: Rick’s Third Trade And Selection Of David Morgan

Rick Spielman and the Minnesota Vikings were very busy in the sixth round of the 2016 NFL Draft on Saturday.

Immediately after trading back with the Miami Dolphins, Spielman then moved forwards with a deal struck with the Philadelphia Eagles. Spielman gave up the 240th overall selection to move up 8 slots (from 196 to 188) and select a tight end.

At that point, the Vikings selected Texas San Antonio tight end David Morgan (6′ 4″ and 262 pounds) who should get an extended audition, in competition with Brian Leonhardt, to be a blocking tight end for the Vikings while Rhett Ellison recovers from his serious late-season injury.

Morgan brings an unspectacular but consistent set of skills to the table. That isn’t to say that he can only be used as a blocker, however. The former basketball player boasts strong leaping abilities and the ability to win contested catch situations.

Give your grades for the trade and the pick below!


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Adam Warwas

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  1. Who knows if Ellison can come back this season. Morgan was rated the best run-blocking TE in the nation this past season by Pro Football Focus and was a surprisingly effective receiver, especially against zone coverage. He won’t stretch the field but he could be a useful and versatile tool this year or next.