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Bradford: ‘Goal’ is to Play This Weekend vs Titans

New Minnesota Vikings quarterback Sam Bradford addressed the media on Monday for the first time since he was traded this weekend and it did not take very long before someone asked him about his chances to play in the team’s first 2016 regular season game this Sunday against the Tennessee Titans.

With just two days of practice with the Vikings now under his belt, Bradford answered the question as best as he could.

“That’s the goal, to progress to that point where I feel comfortable enough to get out there. Play if I’m needed to. But I can’t tell you if that’s going to be the case or not.” – Sam Bradford

Bradford added that he has only been able to learn “a very small percentage” of Minnesota’s playbook in the past two days, but that he also feels, “pretty good,” with what he has been taught as a member of the Vikings so far.

Minnesota head coach Mike Zimmer also spoke to the media on Monday and commented that indeed, “it’s possible,” that Bradford could play against the Titans.

For now, Shaun Hill is presumed to be the team’s starting quarterback when the team heads to Tennessee this weekend. But based on Bradford and Zimmer’s comments on Monday, it would not be too surprising if a quarterback change was made before the game.

To help Bradford’s chances at playing versus the Titans on Sunday, his familiarity with current Minnesota tight ends coach Pat Shurmur could end up helping speed up the learning process before kickoff. Shurmur was Bradford’s offensive coordinator in both 2010 with the St. Louis Rams and in 2015 with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Given that Zimmer would not reveal the status of his quarterback during a preseason game a few weeks ago, do not expect the Vikings to announce who will start under center against Tennessee until they absolutely have to.

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Adam Patrick

Adam has been rooting for the Vikings ever since he saw Randall Cunningham win NFC Special Teams Player of the week in 1997. Since his career sports highlights include 3rd place at 5th Grade Golf Camp and catching a ball during a soccer game (he was not playing goalie), Adam turned to writing. He considers himself a 'Vikings Realist' as he does not shy away from criticizing the purple and gold if necessary. He will not always write about the popular topics, but his goal is to provide readers with content they cannot find anywhere else. Follow him on Twitter @Str8_Cash_Homey

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  1. Trying to get to the chopper…get to the chopper!
    Sorry. My phone just put chopper in there.
    I’m trying to get to the point where I can look at this logically. I don’t really care for Bradford as a QB. But what’s done is done, it could’ve been worse. Sanchez….ugh.
    I think Foles is a better QB, maybe Glennon, McCarron too. But what do I know. These guys did their homework, and are very experienced. Surely they know….
    Seems like a big mistake to throw him out there this Sunday. Hill should start. Can’t rush it…don’t rush it.

  2. He shouldn’t play with only a week of practicing with a new playbook. If you ask me, he shouldn’t play until at least week 3. I think he’ll be a decent QB for us but agree with ccarterhof. Don’t rush him onto the field. Remember what happened when we rushed Freeman onto the field a few years ago? Hill can handle things for a few weeks. Wait until Bradford is comfortable in the offense

      1. No you wouldn’t. It’s not about experience, it’s about knowledge. His talent is worthless if he doesn’t know what he’s doing. We could trade for Tom Brady or that Packers guy who shall not be named and I wouldn’t start them over Hill this Sunday

    1. If the game is 0-0, early 2nd qtr. and both teams have had the ball a few times and produced just a few measles first downs, then i say let him play a series or 2 like its a pre-season game. Have 10 plays scripted for him and keep it simple. At the least they will give TN something to think about.

  3. I feel the best way to approach this somewhat delicate situation is to start the game with Hill, who has a better grasp of the offense and better report with the WRs & TEs, then if he’s not getting the job done in the passing game and the Titans are keying in on the running game then go ahead and give Bradford his shot…. While I’ve never been that impressed with Bradford thru out his career up until now, he does have the ability to throw the ball and has a much stronger arm than Hill does at this point of his career. Bradford will be able to get the WRs more involved in the down field passing game than Hill will be able to do.