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No Vikings Free Agents Signed With Other Teams During Free Agency Opening

First off, I just want to say “thank you” to all of you readers that have made Vikings Territory one of your destinations on such a busy and fun opening day of free agency. Austin Belisle has been rocking the Live Blog for three straight days like an animal (while also battling the flu) and we plan to keep that going for at least one more day.

Our servers were tested on Wednesday, and sometimes failed the test, but it is great to be a part of such a passionate fan base and see our little corner of the internet getting a little more popular every year. Thank you, again, for being the best damn football fans this side of the north pole.

Anyways, the Vikings organization had a very busy opening day of free agency, and there is a fresh crop of new players to discuss at length between now and September. More immediately, however, it is interesting to note that not a single 2015 Vikings player has yet to officially become a “former Minnesota Viking.”

If you’ve been monitoring our list of Vikings free agents you’ll notice that the Vikings retained seven of their own, but the remaining 10 have yet to be signed by any of the NFL’s 32 franchises.

Rhett Ellison

There was some drama surrounding Ellison today when, apparently, Ellison’s father took to Facebook to tell people he wouldn’t be returning to Minnesota. The post was deleted pretty quickly and promptly replaced with a few Twitter reports suggesting he was talking to the Vikings about a return.

Regardless of what is really going on, the Vikings can’t count on Ellison being available to start the 2016 season thanks to his Week 17 injury last year. The Vikings could certainly be in the market for another tight end this offseason.

Josh Robinson

I think I’m in the minority here, but I think the Vikings are giving up on Robinson too early. He’s young, he’s fast, and he played pretty well under Mike Zimmer in 2014 (other than against people named Alshon). Injury cancelled his 2015 hopes of starting for the Vikings and the local buzz is that they don’t want him back.

Terence Newman

Newman had more ups than downs for the Vikings in 2015 and many fans would like to see the aging veteran return at a reasonable price. There is nothing floating around out there right now to suggest that isn’t a possibility, but it is understandable that Rick Spielman would let the open market determine his value while also evaluating other younger options.

Marcus Sherels

I’m kind of surprised the Vikings didn’t lock up Sherels prior to free agency opening up, especially after reports indicated the interest was mutual. Sherels has great special teams value as one of the NFL’s most consistent punt returners while also providing adequate depth as a reserve corner. It would seem like such a shame to see the “local kid does good” show hit the road.

Matt Asiata

Again, the rumor mill indicated that interest in a return was mutual, but the Vikings might be wise to let the market (or lack thereof) for ho-hum running backs set his asking price for him. I mean, I like Asiata and all, but he’s pretty much the most replaceable player in the NFL at this point.

Chad Greenway

We love Chad! We don’t want him to leave! He makes us all proud to be Vikings fans!

He’s also getting up there in age and seems unlikely to come super cheap. So, I can’t help but wonder if we’ve seen Greenway play his last game as a Viking, particularly with the two linebacker acquisition Spielman pulled off Wednesday.

I’m still hoping he’s back, though.

Justin Trattou

This is a bad year to be a free agent defensive lineman, because this Draft class is stacked. I’d love to see Trattou continue his development in Minnesota, but totally understand if the team wants to move on and cast their gaze to the Draft. I also understand it if Trattou wants to move on to a team where he has a clearer path to the top of the depth chart. I see a lot of potential here, though, and wouldn’t mind seeing him return.

Jason Trusnik

With the linebackers we signed on Wednesday, I just don’t see Trusnik coming back. If he does, it’ll pretty much be a given that he doesn’t escape the final cuts. Probably best to just move on.

Robert Blanton

I haven’t been a fan of Blanton’s since before the Vikings selected him, so understand that my opinion of his abilities were solidified literally years ago. But, for what it is worth, I see no reason to bring Blanton back at any price.

Casey Matthews


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  1. Three things.
    According to Charles Robinson,the Vikings are still on the hunt for another OL in free agency.
    Adam Caplan has reported that former Cowboy TE James Hanna could be on the Vikings radar to replace Rhett Ellison.
    Darren Wolfson reports that negotiations between Vikings and Terrence Newman will recommence on Thursday.

  2. Marcus Sherels contract needs to get done!
    Not sure about Asiata’s future.Last I heard the two sides were “far apart”,but once the market settles those situations can change quickly.
    Hopefully we can find some common ground with Mike Wallace.I’d like to see him back,at least for one more year.If we can fix the OL that might help.

  3. I’m proud to be a Charter Member (THE charter member
    r??) of Vikings Territory! You guys Rock!

      1. We all came over around the same time (You, Coach, Big Johnny, Freds (Where’s Fred??) and a host of others that would take too much brain power to come up with. . .Ole, can’t forget Ole. Geez, now I’m screwed, memory banks fading. . .
        No big deal (But if Adam would tell the truth, I pretty much organized his rise) HA!

        OK, RollCall; Who’s been here since the start of Vikings Territory?:

            1. Then close your eyes and tap your heels together three times. And think to yourself, ‘There’s no place like home’………

              “Remember me, your old pal Hunk?” “And me, Hickory?” “You couldn’t forgot my face, could you?”

              1. Geez, I forgot my ‘ol pal Cal! But I also left out ‘Home Skillet’ Remember him??

                1. yeah. he was obsessed with numbers, but he never made the transition. he’s still in the basement

  4. I’d prefer re-signing Robinson over Newman, especially since I was really hoping we’d sign Adam Jones, although I certainly wouldn’t object to Newman coming back, either. I’d like to see Ellison, Trattou, Asiata and Sherels back but I really think we need to let Greenway go. That 91-yard Pick 6 should be how we and he remembers his last year with the team.

  5. Gotta like some things that are happening with this team. Would be great to get Ellison back. I like the Boone signing, wish we could’ve gotten Iloka.
    Not sure about Griffin…..Zimmer seems like he’s getting good depth on D…I like it.
    Protect Teddy, he gets it. He will be a winning QB, put more of the offense through him. Play great defense, and win a lot of games!

  6. Two paragraphs above the bold faced Rhett Ellison you start a paragraph with anyways. That is putting our ignorance on very public display. Look in a dictionary and you’ll see anyways listed as a non-standard use of language primarily confined to the Northern USA and Southern Canadian.

    If you aspire to be a writer, keep within arm’s reach, an AP Stylebook, a good dictionary and a copy of White and Strunk. Or just email them to me and I’ll return them within an hour. I was a professional journalist for 35 years and taught it at universities for eleven more years. There’d be no charge beyond something like a Teddy Bridgewater autographed jersey.

    But whatever you choose please stop using anyways, it makes the eyes of literate people hurt,

    1. Really?

      The tone was set in the first paragraphs of this post as conversational. Having lived in Minnesota a majority of my life, I can tell you that plenty of literate individuals use “anyways” as a common construct at the beginning of a sentence. You ending your comment on some sort of weird insult (followed up by incorrect punctuation) only solidifies that you are just pedantry.

      I do not aspire to be a writer. I am a writer. If you want better quality writing, then I suggest waiting 72 hours to read about free agency in your Sunday paper instead of here. If your eyes are literally hurting, however, I would suggest a different website such as

      I’ve never been opposed to having my ignorance on display, so I’ll pass on the offer of editorial services. Thank you, though.

        1. Look, I admit to being a grammar/writing Nazi myself (“you are just pedantry” should have been “you are just a pedant,” Adam) but I don’t think Mr. McCarthy did a very good job of it in this instance, especially since he didn’t copy edit his own comment as closely as he should have. But throwing out insults is childish and low class, and stomping on grammar Nazis when grammar usage is appallingly bad all around us, from the internet to TV to newspapers to advertising, is defending ignorance and low standards.

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    1. Well, anyways, it sure was funny how your incorrect use of punctuation made this such a funny read.
      I’m still grinning as I write this.
      Anyways, write on, Adam.