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Matt Asiata The Latest Vikings Free Agent To Return

The Minnesota Vikings have announced that running back Matt Asiata has re-signed with the team which makes him the ninth unrestricted free agent to sign a new contract with the team this offseason. Cornerback Josh Robinson was the only unrestricted free agent to depart, as well as Mike Wallace who was released by the team. That ratio of returning players versus those that are departing is pretty impressive, really.

Coming out of Utah, Asiata has played in 58 games and has 10 starts credited to his name. He is 28 years old and known as a short yardage back, particularly effective in goalline situations, but can produce the occasional surprise in open space or even catching the ball.

With Adrian Peterson back in his full capacity in 2015, Asiata has 112 yards on 29 carries, but also caught 19 passes for 132 yards. His return gives Rick Spielman even more flexibility than he already had when it comes to the upcoming NFL Draft where he currently owns eight draft picks.

On paper, this roster has very few glaring holes, and so far it is hardly debatable that the roster has improved during free agency.

The move leaves Chad Greenway, Jason Trusnik, Robert Blanton, and Casey Matthews as the only Vikings free agent that have yet sign a new contract.

Asiata’s deal is reportedly of the one year variety.

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Adam Warwas

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    1. I respectfully disagree bigdaddy. Asiata tends to be pretty consistent picking up positive yardage. A guy that is not afraid to get physical, a decent blocker and also protects the ball when he carries. RB is not a concern for Minny, Jerrick is in place when Adrian is done, Matt does the heavy lifting. I think that they have signed all of the important FA’s that were wearing purple and gold last year. They have much greater needs than RB in this year’s draft.

      1. what if Henry is sitting there at #23 ? Do you take him if he is truly the BPA at that point ? I would if i was Speilman or could perhaps even move down a few spots if any takers . He can learn the ropes from Adrian next year (the guy had ALOT of carries last year and the year before) and then take on a bigger role in 2017. I don’t see McKinnon being the featured back

  1. LuvVikings…..I understand your reasoning, and am not against your opinion in anyway.
    My thoughts on this are Matt is.not now, or ever going the be a lead back, yes his 1 year in that role he did score 9 td’s, but his YPC were dreadful….kind of like the old LeRoy Hoard saying…..if you need 2 yards he’ll get you 2 yards, if you need 8 yards he’ll get you 2 yards.
    Adrian will more than likely be gone in 2 years (some “fans” want him gone 4 years ago) and the Vikings need to find someone to pair with McKinnon now so whoever that player is can have a year, or 2 at the most to adjust to the pro game.
    McKinnon is a hell of a complimentary RB, but as a lead back he quite frankly will not hold up from the constant pounding his small frame will take.

  2. Whenever Asiata gets a carry my buddy and I pay extra attention because we’re watching to see if he breaks a tackle. Even in 2014 when he was getting all those carries, he averaged about 1 a game,and that’s being generous. He does a great job of falling forward and getting extra yards after getting hit. And if he’s got some momentum going he’ll stumble ahead for a few yards and maybe the first guy who touches him slides off and isn’t touching him when he’s actually down, but he almost never hits a guy, bounces off him, and keeps his feet. That first touch, no matter how light, is the beginning of the end, of practically all Asiata carries. For someone who’s supposed to be a bruising back, it’s just ridiculous can’t keep his feet under him after a hit.

    Hopefully McKinnon is working on his pass protection and can start taking snaps away from Asiata since he can do a lot more with the ball in his hands. But resigning him for insurance is fine.