Purple FTW! Podcast – Episode 214 – Vikings-Seahawks Recap – It’s Not Over

The Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings got embarrassed by the Seattle Sea-Chicken Seahawks Sunday afternoon at The Bank 38-7. The final score was not indicative of how one-sided the game was as the Purple defense gave up 38 points and 433 yards of offense to Seahawks, while Teddy and the Vikings offense was shutout and only had 4 snaps on the Seattle half of the field. It was an eye opening game for a team that has a short week and the 10-2 Arizona Cardinals on Thursday. We recap the game the was and remind ourselves that our season isn’t over. Just like when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.

“Good Teams Don’t Get Curb Stomped at Home” Talking Points Include:
• What does it mean to be a “true” fan?
• The Zimmer Hellfire Defense Was Non-Existent
• At Some Point Teddy Bridgewater Runs Out of Excuses
• Norv Turner Needs to be Fired
• Brandon Fusco is Terrible
• Adrian Peterson Wasn’t a Factor
• Where Did Stefon Diggs Go?
• Antone Exum is Our Man
• Penalities Have Been Killing Us
• No Time to Hang Our Heads

All that and other “Crushed Like a Grape” nonsense on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint.


Listen to the Episode Below (37:24)

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Andy Carlson

Andy Carlson (Podcast Producer) is life-long Vikings fan with a sense of humor to help dull the pain of that existence. Sports are fun. They're meant to be be enjoyed and not taken too seriously. He lives that mantra over at the Purple FTW! Podcast: Dedicated to the Pain AND Pleasure that is the Minnesota Vikings. Check out his shenanigans there and on Twitter @AndyCarlsonShow and @PurpleForTheWin.

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  1. First podcast I’ve ever listened to, and I agreed with a lot. I stand by my comment on Carl’s article but I think you may have a point with turners deep drops hurting teddy.
    I still don’t know if he can recover (there’s just too many issues and bad habits he’s developed, just like Tim Tebow) but hope he does.

  2. Come on where are the refs???????worst calls ive seen in years……yes we did not play good today.how many bad calls can one team take in a game????

      1. Tomb, you still being nasty around here?
        What this game shows is that we don’t have the depth to take the injury hits we’ve taken. Yes, the elite teams can handle injuries, we can’t right now. And with only three days to heal, we probably aren’t going to have all our ammo until the Bears game.
        It will be interesting to see what Norv and Mike do in response here, especially in light of AD’s comments about being out-coached. I gotta say I am growing weary of the run-run-pass-punt theme we’ve seen. I think I picked every run or pass play before the snap in today’s game – way too predictable right now.

        1. coach, watching the lions and refs gift a win to the pukes earlier this week made me hate football, and then seeing us get blown out by SEA just made it worse. even at full strength we couldn’t hang with the elite teams right now

  3. It’s Deja Vu all over again. BESIDES our own woes, the worst thing that could have happened to us is how Pittsburgh lit up the Seattle last week

  4. The daily Norseman has a good article on how well Teddy performs from shotgun, vs. How poorly he does under center. The problem in my opinion is that we are catering the offense to Adrian and Teddy is not able to operate where he is most comfortable.

    I dint want to fire Norv and won’t have any of this time to move on from Teddy nonsense. I think we need to fix our OL this offseason and should really consider trading AD if we can. Teddy and the offense in general are more efficient when its not forced to run through Adrian.

  5. AP was right, the Vikes were out coached. The staff clearly did not have this team ready to play. Teddy looks like CP 2.0.