Purple FTW! Podcast – Episode 109 – What Do the Vikings Do at 11? with Luke Inman of eDraft

The NFL Draft is a month away and the question on the minds of Vikings fans is “What are the Vikes gonna do at #11?” Convincing arguments can be made for nearly every prospect outside of QB, so we had our man Luke Inman (@luke_spinman) of eDraft back on the show with a basic premise: If you were Rick Spielman, what would you do in these scenarios?

FTW 109 - What do you do

Spoiler: We get different answers for each — including trades — and the wild card scenario even features an Adrian Peterson trade.

Full episode after the jump! 

Make sure to catch Luke’s A Prospect a Day scouting reports for eDraft. We posted his Brandon Scherff breakdown below.


Listen to the Episode Below (46:54)

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Andy Carlson

Andy Carlson (Podcast Producer) is life-long Vikings fan with a sense of humor to help dull the pain of that existence. Sports are fun. They're meant to be be enjoyed and not taken too seriously. He lives that mantra over at the Purple FTW! Podcast: Dedicated to the Pain AND Pleasure that is the Minnesota Vikings. Check out his shenanigans there and on Twitter @AndyCarlsonShow and @PurpleForTheWin.

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  1. I always love the site, I always love the authors, but the site is dying. Has lost the personal appeal it once had. That was its strength. I miss coach, and tomb and ole and Fran. I know some still comment but it is not the same. Can we find a way to get back to the fun stuff? Love you Adam, and Brett, just miss the family atmosphere.

    1. Well that’s not what we want to hear! Give me a shout on email, LeCount, and we can get into more detail about any complaints/criticisms we might be able to address. Always want to hear ways to make VT better!

      1. I have gone too far with that Adam, I’m sorry. VT is a high quality site and has some of the best writers around. I meant no disrespect. Old Fogies like me get nostalgic often, and are resistant to change. Keep up the good work!

        1. I understand, LeCount… trust me, I do. In all seriousness, please send me an email outlining your concerns and/or ideas for improvement. We’ve got some stuff coming down the chute that might help with some of your concerns and I am always wanting to share those ideas with you guys so that I can get some help shaping them to be the best possible in the end. [email protected]

          (You didn’t go too far. You guys are the reason we do this, so we don’t want to come up short if we can help it.)