Classic Episode: An Interview with Darrin Nelson

Andy’s off this week taking care of a baby that is apparently his. But we have a week full of classic Purple FTW! episodes for your rube ears!

This was an interview I did with former Vikings running back Darrin Nelson on Football Convos. We talked Vikings, Bud Grant, Bill Walsh, Stanford, being one of the first dual threat running backs in the NFL, and his election to the College Football Hall of Fame.

An Andy Carlson Joint.

Listen to the Episode Below (33:55)

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Andy Carlson

Andy Carlson (Podcast Producer) is life-long Vikings fan with a sense of humor to help dull the pain of that existence. Sports are fun. They're meant to be be enjoyed and not taken too seriously. He lives that mantra over at the Purple FTW! Podcast: Dedicated to the Pain AND Pleasure that is the Minnesota Vikings. Check out his shenanigans there and on Twitter @AndyCarlsonShow and @PurpleForTheWin.

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  1. Darrin Nelson was part of the infamous Walker trade, but he refused to report to Dallas. He did, however, accept a trade to San Diego, and left his entire family in Minneapolis, apparently hoping to return one day. AND HE DID! I’ve always wanted to know his back-story; exactly why did he refuse to report to Dallas? Apparently, despite the trade, he left the Vikings on fairly good terms, since he worked his way back. I would have loved to heard about that, too. And what it was like to return.