NFL Draft 2015

INSTANT REACTION: Vikings Select LB Eric Kendricks

The Minnesota Vikings were again at the center of trade speculation as pick number 45 approached Friday evening.

However, unable to strike a deal, the Vikings instead filled one of their most pressing needs with a player largely considered to be a first round talent.

UCLA linebacker Eric Kendricks is the newest member of the Mike Zimmer’s defense, joining cornerback Trae Waynes as part of a continuing effort to dominate the defensive side of the football. Kendricks projects as an instant starter within the Vikings defense presuming his knee is healthy.

Kendricks was at the center of a recent report that at least one NFL team has him off their board becuase of a lingering knee issue. However, whatever team that is, they don’t employ trainer Eric Sugarman.

He is largely considered the best coverage linebacker in this draft class and that certainly isn’t something Vikings fans are used to seeing out of their linebackers of late. Former Vikings linebacker E.J. Henderson, known for his issues covering speedy tight ends himself, was on hand to announce the pick.

Kendricks could be Chad Greenway’s eventual replacement in terms of leadership capabilities, and his aggressive nature should provide a nice sense of stability to the middle of this Vikings defense. At 6′ 0″ and 232 pounds, Kendricks plays a balanced style of football that equates to few mishaps in either the run game or in pass defense.


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Adam Warwas

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  1. Well apparently being able to score and put points on the board isn’t a priority or wanted by the organization or even keeping teddy alive.

      1. Best back on the field? Are you serious? That was debatable a few years ago. Not anymore he’s an ageing RB who hasn’t touched the field in over a year. At most he might be average now atleast he won’t finish the season.

        1. stop pooping on my happy time, dude. don’t give up yet. deep breaths; we’ll get through this.

            1. Don’t accuse me of being phacker fan but I’m not dillusional either. Can I ask how do u plan to keep Teddy upright? We had a miserable offensive line last year and this year looks even worse. We lost a starting guard and don’t have a viable replacement on the roster at this point and the guard we lost wasn’t very good either so that speaks volumes. Love our D but right now the offense looks dreadful.

        2. WTF, WTF? What was “debatable a few years ago”? He rushed for over 2000 yards, 2nd best EVER. At most, he’s still the best.
          If he sticks with us, get ready to eat your words.

          1. I’ll gladly eat my words. But hes 30 years old. Statistically there is major drop off at thirty. And hes been completely out of the league for over a year. For a back his age is like trying to come back from retirement and its not going to be easy. He was also starting to have injury issues and we don’t know if he’s been staying in shape. Like I said Id love to eat my words. But I think were more likely to see an incomplete season.

            1. to be honest, I am a little concerned about the lack of drafting to G, tho’ maybe they want to move Clemmings over somehow. And the fact that they didn’t draft a WR till late. Even the best Defense in the world will falter in the 4th quarter if the offense can’t stay on the field (cough … Seattle … cough). And that was a MAJOR problem for us last year.

  2. This mirrors the first round pick to me. I didn’t jump up and down for joy but the more I think, it’s the right pick.
    In the first I would have liked Peters or Parker, but have 0 issue with taking Waynes(who I like just as much), now I would have liked Perryman or Jake Fisher but Kendricks is equal or greater IMO.

    I think these are the correct picks I just have a little buyers remorse / grass is always greener (would have if we picked the other guys as well).

    So far grading the draft B+/A-

  3. at least we finally got someone who has a decent chance to take over the MLB position. it’s like we just couldn’t step up and use a high pick or offer a FA good money or make a trade to get this done, and this guy ‘falls’ to us and we pull the trigger. gotta hope his knee is ok and he can stay healthy. our D is lookin badass, now get a guard