NFL Draft 2015

INSTANT REACTION: The Vikings Finally Select Someone In The Third Round

Rick Spielman traded not once, but twice, in the third round of the 2015 NFL Draft.

After doing deal with Kansas City and then Detroit, getting two Day Three picks richer, Spielman finally decided to select a player in the third round.

Somewhat amazingly, the Vikings selected their third consecutive defensive player of the weekend, flat out ignoring the offensive side of the ball thus far.

That pick turned out to be defensive end Danielle Hunter out of LSU.

Hunter (6′ 5″ and 252 pounds) possesses all of the physical attributes to draw comparisons to guys like Michael Johnson or Jason Pierre-Paul. He is viewed as an unrefined prospect, however, that could use some time to develop and work on his craft.

With long arms and a powerfully aggressive attitude behind his play, Hunter stands to contribute on special teams right off the bat, perhaps in a similar role that Everson Griffen played early on in his career.

If Mike Zimmer can then help Hunter better learn the game of football, this could end up being looked back upon as an incredible steal for the Vikings.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. I was hoping we had enough guts to draft Collins. Its the steal of the draft if he is incent. I believe he is. To much media attention with Pederson killed that. He wont be eligible after the third round.

  2. I have to agree that the o-line is by far the weakest link on the team. At this point the defense will have to pitch a lot of shutouts to win games. I don’t get the trading down in the 3rd round to get more 6th and 7th round picks? Doesn’t make any sense to me.

    1. good to see ya, johnny. yeah, o-line has to get help. i’m sure they’re thinking day three for that

  3. I like it. OL will come tomorrow, don’t undervalue last year’s 5th, it takes time to develop. Remember where we picked Sully (6th round). As for defense, 2nd worst two years ago will easily be top 10 in 2015.

  4. Our pass rushing depth was one of the areas they needed to address. Hunter is a boom or bust guy, but he sounds coachable and if he just listens to Zimmer and does his job within the scheme he could be special with his athleticism. They will likely draft multiple olineman tomorrow. There was a run on guards before we picked. They will add acouple tomorrow.

  5. I love all 3 picks ~ If Zimmer and his staff didn’t see something special in Hunter he wouldn’t have been picked ~ Sure they could miss but I love what he has done so far with defense ~ Outside of adding Barr it was mostly the same unit that finished 30th in 2013 ~

    As for the OL I really like what I heard this offseason about the work David Yankey was putting in with his trainer <<< ( I forget his name ) ~ I also like what I saw from Mike Harris ~ He improved greatly by the end of the season at right OT ~ He also started one game at right OG and played very week even though he hadn't played OG sense high school ~ Plus the Vikings resigned Joe Berger to a two year deal so he is there if needed ~

    As for the receiver ~ I have to remind myself that Charles Johnson was basically a rookie in 2014 after missing all of 2013 with a ACL injury ~ And when Jennings was cut I felt much better about the work Patterson had put in this offseason with someone Zimmer and Norv picked out to work with him ~ Spielman~Zimmer~Norv have all spoke highly of the work Patterson put in and where he is at now ~

    I'm not saying that the Vikings want add a OL or WR ~ In fact I believe they will ~ However I'm not as worried as some are based on what the Vikings have on the roster now ~

  6. That tape was tough to look at though. He was invisible on majority of the plays, missed tackles. We are drafting a physical set of numbers and combine scores cause that tape sure didn’t show much. I’m not feeling that that strategy in the past has worked for us at defensive end ,

    Hope it works out. Time will tell. Day three should provide some o line relief.

  7. I hear you Eric, but remember Robison was in a similar situation, and the guy proved to be all heart with a motor that never slows down. Hopefully Danielle is cut from the same cloth.