NFL Draft 2015

GUEST POST: A Mock Draft From Richard Comben

We love getting guest contributions on the front page here at Vikings Territory and today is no exception. Richard Comben (Aussie61 to those of you who know who is who in the comments section around here) is the latest reader to submit a mock draft for all of us to enjoy.

Richard said something when he emailed this to me that I thought was particularly of interest. “One thing that I have learned is that these mock drafts are more difficult than can be imagined when you start putting things on paper!” he wrote to me.

I thought that was a really good point to bring up, because mock drafts are one of the easiest things on the internet to criticize or dismiss, but the truth is that they aren’t easy to produce. Those guys that do this on a weekly basis (or daily basis, as is the case with some writers) deserve credit for what they do.

Anyways, leave Richard some love in the comments section, he did a nice job.

2015 NFL MOCK DRAFT – Submitted by Richard Comben

1. Tampa Bay //  Dante Fowler, EDGE – Florida

Jameis Winston is the popular pick, but he’s not mine. I worry about his interception rate and off-field issues. Lovie Smith won’t miss the chance to boost his ailing defense, and Fowler can help right away.

2. Tennesee //  Leonard Williams, DL – USC

The Titans are struggling on both sides of the ball, but offensive help is available later in the draft. Williams will add a piece that the Titans can build around up front.

3. Jacksonville //  Brandon Scherff, OL – Iowa

The Jags had the worst ranked offence last year. After investing a first round pick in Blake Bortles they need to give him a chance to make plays. Some talent was added during free agency and fixing the OL has to be high on the agenda.

4. Oakland  //  Shane Ray, EDGE – Missouri

WR is a need, but with the depth of this receiver class I believe Reggie McKenzie can hold off. Adding Shane Ray as a compliment to Khalil Mack would be a tantalizing proposition that could push this defense onward and upwards.

5. Washington //  Jameis Winston,QB – Florida State

Jay Gruden was exceedingly exasperated at times last year with RGIII, to the point that he called him out in the media. I have no doubt that Gruden wants to choose his own guy at QB, and Winston could well be that guy. The sticking point will be convincing Daniel Snyder.

6. NY Jets //  Marcus Mariota, QB – Oregon

The jets QB situation was a mess under Rex Ryan. The new coaching staff has to make priority number one sorting out that mess. That should mean clearing the decks and starting fresh, although it would be wise to sit Mariota for his rookie season and let him find his feet.

7. Chicago //  Randy Gregory, EDGE – Nebraska

Randy Gregory was, at one time, touted as a possible number one pick, until he failed his combine drug test. The Bears need a talent like Gregory to build for the future, so they will overlook his smoking habits and bank on his talent.

8. Atlanta //  Vic Beasley, EDGE – Clemson

The Falcons had the 8th ranked offense last year, and the 30th ranked defense. This pick should be a no-brainer.

9. NY Giants //  Andrus Peat, OT – Stanford

Eli Manning needs to see his offensive line get an overhaul. Andrus Peat will be a good starting point. Typically the Giants like to take linemen early in the draft and I see no reason why they won’t again.

10. St Louis  // Amari Cooper, WR – Alabama

Rams fans may be getting tired of early round receiver picks, but Cooper is a talent too good to pass on. Jeff Fisher has to get his offense going, Nick Foles will help only if he has reliable targets in the passing game.

11. Minnesota //  Marcus Peters, CB – Washington

Trae Waynes has been a popular pick with draftniks. I think the Vikings may well take a CB, but it won’t be Waynes. To me,he just doesn’t fit what Zimmer asks of his corners, having come from a zone-heavy scheme at Michigan State. I rate Marcus Peters as a better talent, and a better fit schematically, with what Zimmer expects of his corners. Peters slid down draft boards because of perceived “red flags” after being kicked out of Washington. This issue seems more like a personality clash between Peters and the new coaching staff that came in to Washington. Peters strikes me as a winner and I think Zim will love him.

12. Cleveland //  Kevin White, WR – West Virginia

The Browns need to start to get things right with their draft strategy. Taking Kevin White here can give them a big bodied guy who can stretch the field and be a red zone target for whoever is under center.

13. New Orleans //  Bud Dupree, EDGE – Kentucky

It’s difficult to know what the Saints are thinking with their approach to the offseason so far. You would imagine a team that had the 32nd ranked defense would relish a guy like Dupree. He can help from Day One and be the building block they need for their front seven. Somehow, though, I get the feeling that New Orleans will do something dumb here and overdraft a TE.

14. Miami //  DeVante Parker, WR – Loiusville

Miami saw Mike Wallace as an underachieveing malcontent with a big salary, so they shipped him out. Parker needs to refine his route running, but with his size and good hands he can contribute early and may develop into the #1 receiver the Dolphins desperately need.

15. San Francisco //  Jaelen Strong, WR – Arizona State

There are a few different ways the 49ers can go here, but in my opinion WR is the most glaring hole. Jaelen Strong is an athletic receiving talent who should fit well with Colin Kaepernick and provide an immediate boost to the passing game.

16. Houston //  Rashad Greene, WR – Florida State

The Houston Texans have become somewhat of an enigma for their fans. While they possess a feared pass rush and had the #1 ranked defense last year, they continue to struggle to put offensive points on the board. Rashad Greene might not be the sexy pick here, but he is the right one. A good route runner with lateral quickness and agility, Greene has slipped under the radar because of his size. He’s a small poppy in a field of giants, but is a definite first round talent.

17. San Diego //  La’el Collins, OT – LSU

The Chargers have a need at RB, but with such a deep class it can wait. Collins is a versatile player who can be an upgrade to the offensive line right away. Edge rusher is also a possibility here, but with the top prospects gone, Collins is my guy.

18. Kansas City //  TJ Clemmings, OT – Pittsburgh

I agonized over this pick.While there is a clear need for receiver help, with the addition of Jeremy Maclin, Kansas should be able to wait and address that need later. T.J. Clemmings is still raw, but with the right coaching this mauler could be a big asset to any running game. Many analysts say he has the talent to be as good as Jason Peters, but I wouldn’t go that far just yet.

19. Cleveland – from Buffalo //  Arik Armstead, DL – Oregon

Armstead is a versatile lineman who can play a number of different roles. He would be a big asset to a Browns defense that is starting to slide.

20. Philadelphia //  Landon Collins, SS – Alabama

The Eagles have  a big need at safety, and if they want to address it, now is the time. The safety class is one of the weakest groups in this class, and Collins won’t be on the board the next time Chip Kelly makes a selection. Collins is a sure tackler and big hitter who will help solidify the secondary.

21. Cincinnati //  Danny Shelton, DL – Washington

Marvin Lewis has Michael Johnson back. Adding Danny Shelton can help to push the Bengals defense back up the rankings. The defense could only manage 20 sacks last year and, at times, their run defense was shredded. These problems need to be solved if the Bengals want to be a playoff contender again.

22. Pittsburgh //  Trae Waynes, CB – Michigan State

Waynes may not fall this far, but with a deep corner class this is where he lands. I still have Waynes ranked as the second CB behind Marcus Peters. Waynes has risen up draft boards after the combine, but I’m not a big fan of moving guys around based on the combine numbers or pro days.

23. Detroit //  Malcolm Brown, DT – Texas

Detroit could use some help at CB and WR, but with the depth of those positions now is a good time to strengthen the DL. After losing Suh and Fairley in free agency, and adding Haloti Ngata, there is still a hole to fill. Malcolm Brown can learn from one of the best in the business and be a solid anchor for years to come.

24. Arizona //  Melvin Gordon, RB – Wisconsin

The Cardinals need a much more dynamic run game if they are to be a serious championship contender. Melvin Gordon can give them that. He is a potential franchise back who could reach the heights of Jamaal Charles. Before that happens, he needs to learn better ball security and improve his blocking, both things that are coachable.

25. Carolina //  DJ Humphries, OT – Florida

The Panthers seem content that Cam Newton is their QB for the future, so they need to start protecting him. The OL was a train wreck for much of 2014, and Dave Gettleman needs to fix it for his team to succeed.

26. Baltimore //  PJ Williams, CB – Florida State

The Ravens could go WR here, but Williams is the better value. A versatile corner who can move inside and play safety, Williams’ physical style will have a lot of appeal to Baltimore.

27. Dallas //  Todd Gurley, RB – Georgia

After letting DeMarco Murray walk, Dallas has a big time need here. Gurley is a big, physical back who can break through and cause havoc on the second level. Jerry won’t be able to resist.

28. Denver //  Ereck Flowers, OT – Miami

The Broncos still think they have a shot at winning a Super Bowl with Peyton Manning, so they better find a way to stop pass rushers. Flowers can play right tackle or guard.

29. Indianapolis //  Jordan Phillips, DL – Oklahoma

I considered RB here, but Phillips is a better value selection. The Colts need to do a better job stopping the run and Phillips can do just that. He also has the ability to get pressure up the middle to disrupt the passing game.

30. Green Bay //  Eric Kendricks, ILB – UCLA

The Packers had Clay Matthews playing inside at times last year. They need him outside, so expect ILB to be high on the priority list. Eric Kendricks can fill the need here.

31. New Orleans – from Seattle //  Maxx Williams, TE – Minnesota

After trading Jimmy Graham, the Saints need to use the pick they received for him to draft a replacement. The TE class isn’t strong this year, but Williams has the talent to grow into a quality NFL starter. He is clearly the best in the class and the Saints need to grab him now.

32. New England //  Kevin Johnson, CB – Wake Forest

Despite being the reigning champions, the Patriots still have holes to fill. Kevin Johnson represents good value here and can help a secondary that struggled at times last year.


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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. I love peters at 11. Smart thinking too about letting these sub-par qbs drop. But I think you forgot all about amari cooper. Sorry, but someone was bound to eventually point that out.

  2. Great mock Aussie61. You have raised the bar for all of the VT faithful to shoot at. Maybe we can twist Adams arm into having a VT mock contest?

    Anyway, thumbs up for not going Jameis Winston #1.

    I have no problem with Marcus Peters to the Vikings, especially if Spielman can trade back a couple spots. Miami would be a good trade partner in this scenario (after the Mike Wallace trade, I wouldn’t be surprised if the two teams have discussed this exact situation).

    I think Rashad Greene is a good fit for the Texans… and will probably have a very productive NFL career. But, at 5’11 and a 4.53 40-time at the combine, he doesn’t scream first round pick.

    However, Bill O’Brien is a coach that can get production from a smaller receiver who can work outside or in the slot. So, I will give you kudos for a bold pick.

    Greene is a guy with great quickness who runs sharp routes creating early separation. For a little guy, he shows good toughness over the middle.

    Oh… and I love the Miami pick… DP will be a superstar in the NFL.

    1. Thanks Carl.A mock contest sounds good,have to work on Adam for next year 😉
      I really like Rashad Greene,he’s a tough cookie.You may be right though,his size will count against him.If he does start to slide them I hope the Vikings take a look at him.

  3. Hate Peters at #11. It’s a reach on talent combined with the character issues. If the draft falls this way take Parker. I have a feeling we’re going to lose our best offensive weapon sometime draft weekend so let’s give Teddy his guy.

    1. Take white over Parker. DeVante Parker is the most overrated WR(by Viking fans) in this draft because of the Teddy relation. There is a reason everyone outside of Minnesota prefers White over Parker.

      1. Most everyone preferred Johnny “Rehab” over Teddy too. Parker is another great character guy just like Teddy. White seems great too but doesn’t seem to have a lot going on upstairs. Parker seems much sharper.

        1. What does that have to do with anything? Because one high character player has a better rookie season than another we should look at character over skill and fit? Should Mariota go before Winston just because he’s a nice dude?

          Now if White is as dumb as Jamarcus Russell and overrated as Troy Williamson then yes pass. But 9/10 times talent outweighs being nice and smart.

          1. “But 9/10 times talent outweighs being nice and smart….”
            You mean as in Cordarelle Patterson?

      2. I have White going to Cleveland at #12.I agree with you about Parker,the Teddy connection has been flogged to death.I think we will take a WR in the later rounds (3 or 4) Devin Smith & Ty Montgomery are two guys I like 🙂

        1. I actually really like your mock. I like that you had the cajones to have Tampa select a position other than QB as I think that’s becoming a very realistic possibility.

          As for Peters I’m undecided. I like him but in your scenario I’d prefer White and possibly Parker (I’m not sure if I like him or not). But Peters would definitely be a solid choice.

          1. Back in February I was all in on a receiver,and if that’s the way we go then I’m fine with that.I just have the feeling that the pick is going to be defense,and I really like Peters.

  4. At last someone didn’t have Tampa takin a qb but I think it’s Williams#1 and I would take Dupree at 11 but good job Richard skoll Vikings drink from the skull cap of Rogers

  5. Yes Aussie61, there are many ways this could play out. Its really tough to guess the first pick for the purple as they do have many needs. What about Landon Collins? Man he looks like he could be a star at the NFL level! There aren’t too many good safeties in this draft, as there are for corners and Wrs, so wouldn’t it be wise to grab the best safety in round 1 and fill the other holes later on?

    1. I’m not as high on Collins as other people are.He misses too many open field tackles for my liking.I’m an old school guy and expect safeties to be able to tackle one on one.If he can’t fix his technique then he becomes a liability.
      The fact that the Vikings were trying to sign Devin McCourty & Rahim Moore makes me think they don’t much like this draft class either.
      They may well grab someone later like Anthony Harris who Carl has profiled.